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Pune is the second largest city of Maharashtra stands at third position in India in terms of providing tech-based jobs after Bangalore and Delhi. This is the reason the city views an upsurge in demands for proficiently supervised early childhood care and education (ECCE) institutions. Adhering to this requirement, the top schools in Pune provide pre-schooling sections on their campus.

Many parents question the requirement of pre-schooling their kids because they consider that their child can learn better at home. They are partly correct, as children primarily require their parent’s guidance for their evolution. But on the other hand, a preschool can help your young genius to march in the path of success by preparing them for the future academic journey and other accomplishments. The pre-schools in Pune are quite popular across the country as these renowned centers possess conscientiously designed learning spaces and a diligent set of teachers and pedantic caregivers who provide a secured, welcoming, and invigorating ambiance for the kids.

The basic objective of the pre-schools in Pune is to extend a healthy atmosphere appropriate for the young kids in a personalized approach. Among the top-ranked schools in Pune, the Global Indian International School (GIIS) holds a discrete perspective to kindergarten teaching. The foremost objective is to provide a playful environment where the students learn through brainstorming, exploring, and experimenting. The pre-primary section of GIIS Pune promotes the pedagogical process primarily through music, art, dance, indoor and outdoor activities, and little adventures. With the mentorship of the expert faculty and global academic programs, the school helps the students to nurture and prepare them for a successful future. Both the SMART campuses of GIIS Pune have been recognized as one of the best preschools in Pune for excellence in teaching in a recent survey conducted by the Times Online School Education.

GIIS offers the curriculum of the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Program for the preschool section, which proffers a fusion of the Montessori approach with the modern pre-school educational practices. This unique kindergarten curriculum not only targets to infuse expressive and cognitive development but also cultivates a sense of cultural, social, and environmental awareness in the students. The preschool of GIIS includes Nursery, Junior KG, and Senior KG. The age criteria of the students for admission is usually

  • 3 years and above for Nursery
  • 4 years and above for Junior KG
  • 5 years and above for Senior KG

From kindergarten to secondary, the school session commences from April but new students are admitted throughout the year, depending on the availability of seats. GIIS also arranges for a specialized program for the students, known as the Bridge Program. It is a crucial feature as it allows the young students to join the school at any time of the academic session and receive assistance from the teachers as well as the classmates. This specialized program ensures that the newly admitted student can cope up with the studies along with his/her peers and is not left behind. The Bridge Program gives a little more care and attention to preschool kids as those young minds require some more assistance to catch up with the academics and lost lessons.

The GMP curriculum acts as a building block for the students to make a seamless progression into Grade 1. The individualistic focus on the children molds them into speedy and enthusiastic learners from a young age. The students are trained to confront newer challenges as they grow. The reading, writing, and numeracy skills are induced in the students when they are in KG 2 so that they are completely prepared when they are promoted to Grade 1 and they do not feel overburdened with an entirely new set of skill requirements. The subjects offered to the pre-primary sections include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Awareness, STEM, Dance & Music, and Free play & Structured play. Other facilities provided to the kids include smart classrooms, library, music studio, art & craft lab, and computer lab.

With the inclusion of all these provisions, the fee structure of GIIS is surprisingly reasonable. The parents need to pay an amount of Rs. 500 as a one-time non-refundable registration fee at the time of admission. It remains the same for both the campuses of GIIS Pune.

The fee structure for the Balewadi campus and Hadapsar campus is reasonably divided into

  1. Admission fee
  2. Security deposit
  3. Tuition fees
  4. Term charges

Pre-schools in Pune are considered to be the stepping stones of a child’s future education. Therefore, choosing the best institution is an important decision for your child’s career. GIIS provides all the predominant necessities that should be present in the pre-school section, i.e. infrastructure, teachers, ambiance, and security. These elements make GIIS the best school in Pune.

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