Best Kindergarten Schools in Singapore with Reasonable Fees

Why is Singapore the chosen hub of education for many Children of Expatriate families and International students? Singapore, the equatorial monsoon region, engenders and assembles some of the world’s most brilliant young minds. Education Confederations of the Globe consistently continue to place Singapore’s System in the top ranks, even ahead of some advanced countries like Canada, Switzerland and at times even Finland.  The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organization that works to build better policies for better living standards. The organization has a programme for International Student Survey (PISA), where they’ve published and repeatedly placed Singapore in the top five countries with high ranking in educational outcomes. Singapore’s Education System has been academically a reverberating success. To develop human capital, education has always been a priority for all the governments including the incumbent one since the country’s independence and inception.

Apart from Singapore’s excellent Education System, the country is known for being super clean, The Marina Bay Skyline, greenery around the cities, its shopping malls, high standard lifestyle, recreational facilities, and also very obviously boasts of some of the best Singapore Schools, both National and International.

We have taken the freedom to list out a few premier Kindergarten schools in Singapore with stellar international Education and Learning quality but with a comparatively decent fees structure as compared to its counterparts of the same league.

1.       Global Indian International School (GIIS) Singapore

One of the most splendid private International schools in Singapore is GIIS. Their quality of education, the faculty and the individual attention that their students gain is what drives preschoolers to acquaint themselves with how interesting education can get. GIIS is committed to a Goal of global excellence in their schools. They are the school that strives to grow and improve by and through every academic year which helps them retain the trust of the parents who enroll their wards in this organization. Their motto is “Schools That Learn”. You have to say that they carry out a pretty sublime job at sticking by their motto and are committed to it. At GIIS the management believes that teachers who enable students to explore their curiosity are the ones who drive passion and enthusiasm for the child’s learning process. GIIS is a globally acclaimed institution that has several campuses around the Globe and two of those are in Singapore known as GIIS East Coast and GIIS Punggol (Smart Campus). Both the campuses have outstanding facilities like digital classrooms, modern labs and audiovisual rooms. They have benchmarked their curriculum to the best programmes available worldwide as they envision to set global standards with their education approach and learning methodologies. And the kindergarten Singapore fees are quite affordable.

 2.         GEMS World Academy Singapore

GEMS World Academy has an Early Years Programme designed for children aged between three to six years that focuses on building foundational Literacy skills. The school believes that a good education should prepare students to shape a better tomorrow and not merely just a part of it. GEMS’s vision is to aspire, act on it and grow as they encourage students to be creative, curious, collaborative, considerate and kind. GEMS World Academy is proudly offering a unique Mandarin Bilingual Programme to allow non-native Mandarin Speakers to have a rigorous introduction to Mandarin during the Students’ foundation years. Their mission is to empower an inclusive international community of happy learners who aspire to positively impact one another. They hope to turn their students into change makers of tomorrow. The school propagates that high quality teaching and learning results in equipping students to be critical thinkers that appreciate diversity in an increasingly global world.

3.        Raffles Kidz International

Raffles Kidz International is an established premium preschool brand from Singapore. They offer a bilingual inquiry based curriculum by experienced and well trained educators within a quality and culturally innovative learning environment for children. Their mission is to inspire their students into becoming confident and intelligent learners with creativity and integrity. The school motivates their students to strive for excellence and self-improvement, while each one supports one another to achieve common goals. They promote accountability and have a strong sense of personal responsibility. The school aims to ensure a seamless transition into the primary school by helping children build a strong academic foundation in Literacy and Numeracy; while offering fun, innovative and enriching activities through in-house programmes and outdoor excursions that are designed to enhance their social skills and perspective towards the world.

4.         Rain Trees International Kindergarten

Rain Trees was established in Singapore in the year 1999. It is an independent, international Kindergarten, nursery and preschool that provides a fun, friendly and challenging environment for children in order to facilitate their growth in their formative years. The school’s education philosophy is based on the United Kingdom National Curriculum (EYFS) and they prefer to teach their students through a hands – on, play – based approach, the emphasis is on learning through play in a planned environment in order to stimulate self-reliance, discovery and social interaction through which they solidify their foundation of preschool skills in preparation for primary school. The school prides itself on the provision of a homely environment for the children so they feel safe and happy as they continue to enjoy their first experience of school.  The children are encouraged to help themselves and take initiative in order to develop self-esteem, social competence and become increasingly independent.

To draw the inference here, it gets quite difficult to make a final decision on whether which school suits your child the best but we tried to make it remarkably simpler for you. Although, before submitting an online enrolment form, kindly visit the campuses of the schools physically and verify the amenities they offer. 

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