Best Marine Trolling Motor Batteries and Their Features

When it comes to marine and trolling applications, you cannot simply compromise performance and reliability by choosing conventional batteries. You need a heavy-duty and rugged marine trolling battery that can last and won’t fail when you’re in the water. Lead-acid and AGM batteries may have been the primary choices, but lithium batteries are beginning to be preferred by discerning users looking to decrease the weight and increase the safety of their boats.

Learn about the best lithium battery for your boat

As you explore the range of marine trolling batteries, you are likely to come across LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate), which is known for its higher capacity, longer life, light weight and compact size, enhanced safety, and superior chemical and thermal stability. In addition, the charge and discharge rate of a LiFePO4 marine trolling battery is much better than that of conventional batteries.

Versatility is another advantage to a LiFePO4 battery. This lithium system can be used across different marine applications, from trolling motors and bow thruster to electric propulsion and hybrid marine requirements. Each time, it delivers consistent delivery of reliable power and a run-time longer than what traditional lead acid variants can provide.

Charging a lithium marine trolling battery is fast and efficient, so you do not have to wait too long to get back on the water again. LiFePO4 batteries are safe, as they are not likely to overheat, and in case of an incident where they are punctured, they will not explode or catch fire. They also come with a built-in battery management system to prevent over-charging and over-discharging.

Making the switch to lithium batteries

When you’re ready to buy lithium marine trolling batteries, be sure to purchase only from reputable retailers that specialize in carrying them.

Perhaps the only drawback to a lithium marine trolling battery is the cost to buy one. It may be more expensive than lead acid batteries, but its value lies in its long-term service and reliability in marine and trolling application. You can expect a lithium battery to last for up to 10 times more than lead acid, and it can still deliver 80 percent of its capacity, even after 2,000 cycles. Lithium batteries may even improve your boat’s throttle and range because of their lighter weight. In general, they are 50 to 60 percent lighter than lead acid batteries.

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