Best Platforms to Explore For Online Career Development Courses

As professionals, you may not have time to physically enrol into a university to upgrade your skills. Or you cannot afford to take a break to attend university classes. That is why online career development courses have gained popularity among professionals. With the market constantly changing, you are also in a race to keep upgrading your skills to stay relevant and ahead. And the ease with which you can join these online certified courses has made it easier for skill development.

Professional career development courses are offered by various platforms. These courses can be free or paid and are taught by experts from across the globe. So you can join a course in Graphic Design that is being developed by the California Institute of Arts or IT Automation and Python from the experts at Google. You can join these courses at the scheduled time, but pace your studies according to your schedule.

Here is a list of four awesome platforms that provide a wide range of beginner and advanced courses in every possible sector for professional development.

Join these 3 online platforms for online career development courses

  1. Coursera: Established in 2012, this American platform is a favourite among professionals. Coursera collaborates with more than 200 partners ranging from world-class universities such as Michigan, Stanford, PENN, etc. to multi-national companies like Google, IBM, Amazon to offer more than 3900 professional courses, 13 professional certificates, and 20 Master Degrees. Sectors covered include Arts and Humanities, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Personal Development, Health, Language Learning, etc. The learning here is quite hands-on as you get to share your progress with other course participants and also receive feedback. The courses can either be free or may need a fee.
  2. LinkedIn Learning: This is a learning platform offered by the biggest employment-oriented online application, LinkedIn. Armed with an understanding that professionals are constantly on the lookout for courses that will upgrade and elevate their resumes, LinkedIn Learning is a place for professionals to learn from anywhere and anytime. You can access more than 16000 courses that are led by industry experts. Once you join the platform, you get unlimited access to the video courses, which you can study based on your schedule. You get free trial access for one month, post which you can cancel your subscription if you are not satisfied (if that is possible). The range of courses available belongs to areas such as business, technology, creative, and more.
  3. Udemy: Looking for niche professional courses to pursue online, then you need to check out Udemy. This American open educational platform has been operational since 2005 and offers more than 1 lakh courses. Everything from drawing courses to JavaScript, this platform will help you expand your knowledge and skills. The online instructional material is curated by experts from different fields so that you can access the course of choice and stay ahead of the market.


Looking for online career development courses? The above-mentioned platforms include a large repository of professional courses in every possible sector. So if you are interested in learning a new skill to adjust to a new position or simply for fun, give these platforms a try!