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Best SEO Methods – How to Write An Optimized Content

The correct “filling” is perhaps the most important criterion for assessing the quality of a site by search engines. Let’s figure out from Best SEO methods optimized ow optimized text of an article should be so that your resource is one of the first in the queue for traffic.

The key is the phrase that users enter into a search engine in the hope of finding the answer to their question. It is with the search phrase taken into account that webmasters try to optimize their pages.

Best SEO Methods

Lets have an example “SEO text optimization “. Let’s say a search engine sees about 1000 texts containing this phrase in the title of an article (in whole or in part). Now, in order to determine which of the texts more fully reveals this topic, the system must analyze the composition of the text. A sure sign that the text does not contain the answer to the question posed is the absence of the words “seo” and “optimize” in the body of the article – such texts are immediately deleted from the list of applicants for the first places.

The opposite is the opposite. When the text contains enough words from the key phrase, then the text is quite relevant and may turn out to be the best, in the opinion of the search engine. But there is one “but” – the level of text optimization should be within the “natural state of affairs”. If the text is over-spammed with keywords, then the search engine perceives it as the result of “black SEO-optimization”, when the reaction of users to the quality of the article is not considerable at all.

Thus, one of the key rules in best SEO methods is to strike a certain balance between no SEO and over-optimization.

Over spam is the ratio of the volume of keys to the total volume of the text.

How to independently determine the nausea of ​​the text?

Nausea = number of characters in keywords * 100) / total number of characters without spaces.

As a rule, if the result is more than 6-7% or more, this is already text that makes search robots sick. Spamming. For this, search engines “pessimism” the site. Therefore, before writing the optimized text, distribute the keys, guided by the rule “do no harm!”

How many keys should you use in the text?

Different webmasters use different frequency (number) of keys in the text, depending on the topic of the site, the age of the domain, competition and other factors.

To answer the question of how often you need to use a certain key in the text, look at the TOP of the search for this key and analyze the first three sites in the search results.

How many times has competitors used the key in the text?
How long is the text?
Are you using direct key entry in headers and meta tags, or diluted keys?

Look at your competitors’ copy and do better.

Best SEO Methods

Based on the results of the analysis, it will become approximately clear how much to write an article, how many direct and / or diluted entries can be included in the text.

Direct entry – a key without extraneous phrases and without a change in case, number, gender or person. Example: how to make a birdhouse

Indirect (indirect entry) – a key diluted with extraneous phrases or with changes in case, gender, number, as well as word order. Example: how to quickly make a do-it-yourself birdhouse

It is recommended to include both direct and indirect occurrences of the key in the text.

What criteria should SEO optimized text meet?

Be relevant to the query.

First of all, you need to think about the content of the text. If the text is water and water and does not relate to the topic of the site, then no seo optimization will help the business. The text must be fully relevant, that is, answer a specific search query of the user.

As much as interesting and useful.

Have an attractive title. Great if you come up with an interesting and intriguing title. But, it is worth considering, if you write text for a certain “key”, this key must be reflected in the title of the article.

Easy to read

Keep in mind the simple rules of readability. Only robots will be able to read a “sheet” of solid text, it will be difficult and not interesting for people. Break the text into paragraphs, insert pictures, quotes, highlight headings. Both search robots and live readers will like it

Be unique. Here I think you don’t need to write a lot. For the best result, the uniqueness of the texts should be at least 98%. The uniqueness can be checked:

These are the some of the points for optimized content but if you want to know more about best SEO methods then visit us and read our blog.

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