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Best SMILE Eye Surgery Hospital in Delhi, India

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction or SMILE is one of the laser eye treatments that is used to correct refractive errors. This treatment is effective in treating myopia and results in fast recovery.

To get SMILE surgery done, you need to choose the best eye hospital in Delhi. A reputed eye clinic will be able to provide all the modern equipment required to treat an eye patient. As SMILE requires the latest technology for a precise outcome, one must always choose a good hospital that has a team of experienced ophthalmologists. 

What is SMILE?

It is laser treatment of the eye that involves minimal invasion. In this method, the doctor is guided by a device. The computerised devices show clear images of the exact location of the cornea where the incision has to be made. 

A small incision is made with the help of a tiny device and a small part of the tissue of the cornea is removed. Then the cornea is reshaped to correct the vision.

Why Should One Get SMILE Surgery Done?

There are many reasons why many doctors prefer SMILE surgery over other laser eye treatments. 

Flap-free Surgery

This treatment does not involve creating a corneal flap. Doctors always prefer treatments that can be done without creating flaps and this is where SMILE comes in. Unlike LASIK, SMILE is a great option for people whose corneal tissues are not strong. In this method, only one type of laser device is used called the femtosecond laser. But LASIK is more complex as it involves a secondary laser device. In cases where the patient’s corneal conditions are not suitable for LASIK, they can easily undergo SMILE surgery. 

To know more about this treatment, book an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

Precise Procedure And Quick Recovery

SMILE is one of the safest eye treatments with very successful results. It is safe and accurate and also takes about 2 to 3 days to fully recover. 

Minimal Invasive Treatment

Unlike other laser surgeries SMILE involves less invasion. A very tiny device is used to make a small incision on the corneal surface. Since SMILE does not require creating a flap, the surgery is less complicated and takes less time to complete. Your surgeon will make a 3mm hole in your cornea to correct the vision. And with small incisions, the recovery is fast without any complications. 

Noiseless, Odorless & Blade-free

Unlike LASIK and PRK, SMILE does not need an excimer laser for the surgery. Using an excimer laser, you get a discomforting noise and odor of burning cells in the cornea. This makes patients feel anxious about the procedure. But in SMILE surgery, no such noise or smell comes out. It is a quiet and blade-free process.

When do you need SMILE?

Anyone who is not eligible for LASIK surgery is suitable for SMILE in most cases. But your ophthalmologist will only recommend the right treatment after a thorough evaluation of the eye condition. 

Know more about SMILE surgery and discuss its cost and other necessary details today.

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