Best Ways to Find Entry-Level Job Ready Programs in Australia

Australia has a relatively small job market despite the country’s size. Job opportunities tend to be concentrated in the largest cities. According to official statistics, more than 80% of Australia’s total vacancies are limited to three states: New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

Skills supply vs. demand depends on the industry as well. For example, those who wish to work in the service sector have greater chances of landing a job than in other fields. But no matter which way you put it, ending up in an excellent entry-level employment position is challenging. It’s one of the first and most difficult tasks for young adults fresh out of school.

Fortunately, there’s a way for job seekers to stand out in the competitive market—and it all starts in the school. More than 50% of school principals agree that students need to be equipped with life skills with the help of job-ready programs.

How can you find the best entry-level job ready programs in Australia? Below are a few factors to look at:

  1. Curriculum alignment
    The Australian Curriculum includes eight major learning areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts, Technologies, Physical Education, and Languages. Additionally, Australian students need to be equipped with general skills to thrive in the 21st century. These capabilities include numeracy, literacy, information and communication technology, critical and creative thinking, ethics, and intercultural understanding. It’s important to find job ready programs designed to align with the Australian Curriculum to enhance the learning experience of students.
  2. Learning framework
    Students become better leaders and ultimately better people when they have developed competence, confidence, character, and connectedness. Competence refers to the learner’s technical and tactical skills, while confidence helps them develop self-worth and recognition. Character relates to self-awareness, and connectedness helps students foster positive relationships. These skills can be taught by trained educators in reliable job ready programs.
  3. Positive outcomes
    What are other schools saying about the program? Trusted job ready courses are known to help learners achieve the best outcomes in a short period. It’s best to find a course approved by hundreds of partner schools and collaborate with the provider to tailor it according to the needs of your educational institution.

About the Author:

Author: Richard Sharp

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced” John Keats

This quote continues to inspire my pursuit of delivering authentic, long-term online learning opportunities for K-12 students and educators. As a former classroom teacher, senior faculty member and current district school board member, I take great pride in sharing my education insights towards technology enhanced learning in the student leadership and future skills of the workforce curricular areas.