Brain Dumps – Will They Come Back To Haunt You?

Brain dumps look like this – you’re hungry and you eat something greasy, high in fat that sounds good but now sits like a rock in your stomach. It sure fed your hunger but your taste buds didn’t enjoy the experience. And now you’re having a stomach ache and you’re paying for it.

You want brain dumps because they are a quick fix. You want them to make sure you pass. I can see how attractive they can be. Look beyond for a minute. Think about what you’re stealing from yourself:

Do you know when you study and you come up with a difficult subject that you just can’t get enough of? And you go for it and you finally get it in a few days? Imagine the feeling for a minute..are you cheerful? Do you feel smarter? Are you gaining confidence?

Do you know what it is like to finish school and know that you are ready for the exam? I’ve spent a lot of time on this project, and now keep an eye out for passing the exam. Can you feel the joy of getting ready? Can you feel this expectation?

You just finished your exam. A few months ago you knew nothing or very little about the subject and now you are sitting for the exam!! Do you know the feeling of starting and finishing something new? How is your confidence now? How is your pride now? Too high I have to imagine – and I can imagine it because I tested it.

You passed a job interview. The interviewer will ask you questions. You can answer. You feel great. Do you feel that your chances of getting the job are good? How do you feel great? Your life took another step forward, right? You have added to your knowledge base and now expanded your mind. you are kind.

Will brain dumps come back to haunt you?

defy. You feel nothing. Cheerful – Informed – Strong – Self-esteem – Confidence? None of this. You know you did something wrong but of course you are trying to cover up the bad taste in your mouth with excuses. I will get to those.

I bet when you are in an interview you are praying nothing is asked of you. I bet that even if you get the job by mistake (you might get lucky and interview a not-so-smart interview manager – it happens) you pray that your lack of knowledge will not be revealed.

I won’t give you the answer to that. You know that.

Now let’s deal with your excuses:

  • You already studied so you don’t really cheat
  • You want to make sure you pass because you can’t book another test if you fail
  • You can’t afford study materials because you’re too poor

These are all excuses—and don’t confuse them with reasons—not reasons why you can’t do something—they’re excuses. It all boils down to you not having confidence, being a vulnerable character – and someone who doesn’t overcome difficulties. You are not building yourself up, you are underestimating yourself. And because our way of thinking reflects what we do, you are that way in all areas of your life. I don’t want to be you.

Brain dumps hurt everyone else even if you don’t realize/care – and everyone includes you too

Do you know how people steal from the supermarket? Well, what does the supermarket do to cover their costs? They are taking actions that harm you and others. They raise the prices of the products because they have to cover all those things that were stolen and they have to raise the prices to cover the extra security that they are going to implement. So you pay more for your groceries. What are the other consequences of that? Now your bags are checked all the time. uncomfortable.

Want to take a trip? Go to the airport and expect to be bothered by the terrorists. Be prepared to wait in long lines because everything must be thoroughly checked.

A little spoils it for the rest.

And the same with certificates.

Not one of you hurt the industry, but hundreds of thousands of you? Hundreds and thousands of you go to job interviews and get caught. The certificate loses its value. Certifications have a bad reputation. Exams are becoming more difficult. And you know that as an IT professional you will need the certification throughout your career, do you think you don’t hurt yourself when you go for the next certification? Now because of your actions and others like you, you pay more for certifications and become less valuable than they were before – which means you have to put in more effort.

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