Cake Square Christmas

I absolutely love this time of year! The crisp chill in the air, With Christmas coming. Last year this month we celebrated a very special birthday in our house which was on Christmas. We bought this famous Christmas Plum cake. The cake was made very authentically by wine and rum soaked dry fruits and nuts which we buy every christmas. Who doesn’t love plum cake on Christmas day? It was such a memorable day for our family. We also had Dinner night on our terrace and we discussed how we used to celebrate our Son’s birthday and Christmas together as it’s the same day. I still remember the crispy almonds and cashews which were added in between the cakes and the flavours of the cake was not too sweet which i prefer most. As we are vegetarians we always prefer eggless cakes there are few places where we can customize our cakes. So Guys definitely try Plum cakes this year with your family.