Cambridge IGCSE Schools

Why the Cambridge IGCSE Schools Are Rising In Popularity?

It is no secret that the Cambridge IGCSE board curriculum is one of the most popular curriculums in the world. It is followed by international schools around the globe and the same applies to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well.

There are over a hundred international schools in Malaysia, from which a majority are located in the capital city Kuala Lumpur itself. While it is a given that the international schools all offer a vast range of different curriculums, the British curriculum happens to be among the most favoured. The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is considered an equal to the GCSE that is the British curriculum. What makes it distinct is that the IGCSE was developed with an international student population in mind. It is a two year long course that leads to examinations from the University of Cambridge. 

It should be kept in mind that gaining a Cambridge IGCSE qualification is basically gaining a qualification that is accepted, trusted, and followed worldwide. It is true that the IGCSEs were devised so that the students could get at the top of their game and hence are slightly more challenging than other curricula. But the hard work put in by the students is made completely worth it when they have their qualifications in their hand. Because an IGCSE qualification opens up opportunities for the students to pursue further education in a university of their choice, be it a local university or one abroad. This has also caused a lot of locals to enroll their children in Kuala Lumpur international schools.

Things to know:

  1. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the most sought-after curriculum for children from 14 to 16 years of age.
  2. The IGCSE comprises over 70 subjects of whom 30 are language subjects. This is because the board aims to be embracing students from different ethnicities and backgrounds.
  3. The Cambridge IGCSE exams are held twice a year, i.e. in May and October respectively.
  4. Malay was added as a first language by the Cambridge Assessment International Education in the year 2018.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of an IGCSE curriculum:

It nurtures and improves the students’ problem solving skills, speaking or oral skills, academic skills, social skills and encourages curiosity. 

It is globally renowned and has an amazing reputation and standing, which is what makes the IGCSE the best choice.

It does not only focus on academic growth, which is of course an important aspect of learning, but it also focuses on honing skills and talents that the child may have or be interested in. The curriculum is called holistic for this very reason.

The IGCSE grading system goes from A* to G, of which A is of course the highest. Even if the student gets a C grade in the IGCSE English language it is still good enough to get into English speaking universities.

The high quality of education and emphasis on linguistics helps the student pass their language test in case they want to move to another country for studies, etc.

It basically prepares the students to go out into the world of the future as responsible, well – informed and capable individuals who can pursue and follow any path that they might be interested in.

While the list of why the Cambridge IGCSE is the prime pick among the other international curriculums can go on and on, these few reasons are the main things that make this curriculum special and so sought after. This is a choice that you will never regret making and one that a child will treasure for the rest of his / her life.