Car Key & Evolution of Modern Vehicle Security Devices

When automobiles first replaced horses on the road in the distant past, their keys were rudimentary at best, if not non-existent. The theft was not a concern back then; therefore, early cars were open-topped and only had an ignition switch. Potential criminals certainly couldn’t drive the automobiles in the first place, and there were so few of them about that their presence was evident, and most people knew the ‘real’ driver! There wasn’t much of a shift until the turn of the century. By that time, most cars had locks comparable to those on house doors but simpler.

It was just a few years ago that vehicle keys underwent a revolution. The tipping point came when automakers began considering installing central locking in their vehicles. As a natural progression from the advent of electronics into vehicle systems, this technology allows all doors to be secured or unlocked from a single location. Significant progress has been achieved since then, and it has happened at a breakneck speed. With the advent of the computer chip, electronic vehicle systems shot to prominence, and manufacturers jumped on the opportunity for miniaturization that this provided. By combining computer processors with radio-wave technology, car key maker can provide systems where the key and the automobile can communicate to execute numerous duties. They can also offer lost car key replacement.

After the insurance business demanded higher levels of vehicle security, other industries followed suit. Automobile manufacturers now could use remote key ‘fobs,’ which quickly became a tangible, microscopic element of the key itself. As a result, unlocking the doors was as simple as pressing a button when the vehicle was close by. Later improvements meant that new features could be added, and they were. Electric windows and sunroofs could be closed with the push of a button, and the hood of a convertible could be lowered or elevated with remote control: Citroen remote keys, Ford remotes, Vauxhall remote keys, Peugeot remote keys. The list became interminable as manufacturers sought to provide customers with ever-increasingly feasible features activated by their keys.

As if things couldn’t get any better, newer technology intervened, prompting designers to question whether a physical key and door lock was essential. The appearance of an exterior lock was, after all, nothing more than a theft invitation. The first of them was the Renault key card system. This minor plastic key replaced a physical one. This was a plastic card that could be used to unlock and start the car with the push of a button on the dashboard. Mercedes Benz’s use of the system has brought it to its current pinnacle. If you utilize the Mercedes system, all you have to do is keep your card in your pocket. The automobile can be unlocked by simply touching the door handle, and the engine starts using a button on the dashboard.

Although the simplicity of use of this technology is excellent, it is not without drawbacks. Lost or broken car keys used to be a hassle. Although modern technology has made Lock repair Dubai possible, you need a reliable locksmith. If you lose your remote key, you’ll have to replace all the locks as well as acquire a new one from a primary dealer.A job that’s neither cheap nor quick. However, as is so frequently, technological advances first provide an answer, a problem, and a solution. Car key maker Dubai now has the technology not only to cut keys and program replacement key fobs from an existing key but also “cut to code.”This cutting-edge technology takes advantage of the fact that each car is unique and has its own fantastic set of data maintained by the manufacturer. The replacement automobile keys or remotes can be made from scratch if a key is completely lost and the rightful owner can prove it. Several specialized companies are currently offering this service.

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