Channel support with an efficient Helpdesk Ticketing System

Handling customers issues earlier through technical personnel costs heavily to companies, and the work was unstreamlined, and some queries remained unresolved. After digitizing the business, the traditional methods of handling the customer’s grievances are not effective, and it will not help the company survive. A business concern needs to be competitive to grow in a competitive market. If you are running a company, your company shall strive to win customers’ loyalty. The best way to set up an effective help desk is to have a  Helpdesk Ticketing System from Wolken Software. 

Know more about a Helpdesk Ticketing System

Any business size needs a well-developed system to manage the issues of customers. A streamlined program helps in offering support to the customers across various channels. Helpdesk ticketing system performs the following functions for a business:

  • Collection, organizing, and tracking of customers queries
  • Collect necessary information from channels and resolve the problems at the earliest.
  • Simplify the interaction with divisions of the company
  • Preventing priority requests from skipping
  • Streamlining the process of resolving issues of customers.

Customers expect more from a business concern. They want a streamlined service and 24×7 support. This was a challenge before the companies. A well-developed helpdesk system proved to be a robust solution for every business size. If your company desires to make the customer support service effortless, Wolkensoftware’s Helpdesk Ticketing System is the best option.

Importance of Helpdesk Ticketing System for your business

Every customer problem varies. Some get solved within a few minutes, and some take time. In such a case, a helpdesk ticketing system proves to be an effective tool for business. Let’s see how this system is essential for a business:

Ticket management streamlined 

This system helps the customers to submit their complaints anytime. With automated features, the tickets are assigned to the concerned technical division. The benefit of this system is customer problems can be solved from anywhere on the cloud. Hence, the management of tickets becomes easy and affordable. 

Overall channel support

Various customer issues come from channels. It needs a service desk ticketing system to bring them under a centralized system. It works as a centralized database system in resolving the issues. The technicians can access the problems and can solve them with the appropriate tools. They get the visibility and right to use various channels such as emails, texts, social media accounts, and any other connection with the customers. Through a centralized system, quick delivery of response and support is possible.

Compliments the other business process

A centralized system to handle all databases helps a business streamline the other business process. 

Enhanced customer experiences

Some of the great features of the helpdesk ticketing system are automated services, speed up resolution time, security, and response record. All these features help a business to deliver a top-notch customer experience. When customers’ queries are managed effectively, it becomes easier for the business concern to win their confidence over the business concern, resulting in better customer experiences.

Performance indicators

Through a systematic ticketing system, reports are generated to know the performance of the business. After an effective service ticket system gets included in the business concern, it helps the business concern to measure the following aspects:

    (i) The number of tickets received and what percentage is solved?

  (ii) What percentage of the tickets remained unresolved? 

 (iii) What is the maximum time of closing a ticket?

 (iv) How many customers are satisfied with the resolution?

All these aspects are an effective way to measure the performance and track the same.

Enhance the productivity

In a helpdesk ticketing system, there is a workflow. The tickets raised by the customers are forwarded to the concerned technician. When the workflows are systematic, it helps the time and cost-saving of the business and enhances the company’s productivity.

  • Revenue growth: When customers are happy, they stay longer with a business. Revenue becomes steady and reliable. When quick support and issues are resolved, a business concern stands as a reliable service provider and generates more leads. However, if a business has a good product and doesn’t have a system to resolve the issues related to product usage, then the customers may stop using the products. Hence a streamlined helpdesk ticketing system is essential for revenue growth.
  • Offers self-service to end-users: Customers often ask repetitive questions which can be resolved through a self-service portal. Here they can go through the catalog and the service guide. Helpdesk ticketing system makes the customers informed about the issues and helps them resolve these issues through an automated way. It reduces the burden of the IT team of the organization. 


So, if your business needs transformation in handling the service desk operation, try Helpdesk Ticketing System from Wolken Software. An automated, centralized, and integrated system will boost the service personnel’s productivity. Be competitive and enhance your customer satisfaction with the best helpdesk ticketing system.

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