Cisco Webex Board – Great collaboration tool and its many benefits

The Cisco Webex Board is a revolutionary way to combine many different things under one roof in a physical meeting. A single device is used to connect to any cloud platform to take forward the workflow. It is a unique wireless presentation screen that can be used as a digital whiteboard and a good video conferencing system. This type of connectivity system has helped teams collaborate while attending physical meetings and securely connect to different virtual meeting spaces.

Achieve a clear voice call:

Cisco Unified Communications has made collaboration easy by providing HD voice or video call activation possibilities while walking into the meeting room. Compared to other collaborative systems, this particular Webex board projects crystal clear audio automatically adjusted to the connected speaker settings. This way, you can achieve clear voice quality, which is highly needed to help the audio remain audible throughout the conference room.

Four significant benefits of using Cisco Webex Board:

Are you thinking about investing in Cisco Unified Communications to integrate voice, data, and video and Webex Board? In that case, you can get benefitted in many different ways. The following are the key benefits that you can attain by choosing this collaborative system over others.

  1. Three in one solution:

Once the Cisco Webex Board is installed in the physical meeting room, no other separate tool is required to conduct an operative meeting session.

  • Easy to use:

The entire system has touch functionality, which certainly eradicates the need to use a separate machine to control them in the first place. Also, having a touch-based system makes the presentation or discussion sessions remain intelligent and intuitive.

  • Continuous workflow:

With cloud-based data sharing possibilities, you can take the remaining work forward and continue doing them whenever the need comes by. For example, you can initiate the work before, after, or during the meeting session through a device that has the Cisco Spark app installed on it.

  • Safe and secure:

The Cisco Webex Board comes with an end-to-end encryption type, which provides much-needed security to safeguard every detail shared through them. Cloud registration is cost-effective and accessing data through them will make the meeting an organized one.

Reasons to hire professional help to install the Cisco Webex Board:

You can get in touch with an IT consulting firm known for offering worthy networking, data security, collaboration, and cloud solutions in one place. By acquiring such professional help, you can receive useful tips that can help accommodate the in-house and remote working employees’ needs and let the workflow stay better with no interruption in any given instance.

Acordis Technology & Solutions has helped many businesses meet up with their technology needs by providing valuable solutions. Under the supervision of their expert team members, you can easily install, access, and improvise the workspace’s productivity levels by adapting to the famous collaborating tool, the Cisco Unified Communications.

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