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Comparing Kareo to top EHR Software: Here is what the medical specialists say!

What is an EHR?

EHRs are the way of the future even though they have been around for quite a while. The name EHR itself suggests a very reductive take on what essentially is a necessary software for any medical related practice in this day and age. EHR stands for electronic health records, which is one feature it has but not at all a representative idea of what these softwares are capable of these days. EHRs these days can manage your practice to do your billing; they fit and cater to all your needs and help manage things in a smoother way. Essentially an EHR makes it so that you are able to do everything related to your practice with the help of one software. Kareo EHR reviews talk about what a God sends this EHR has been to many practices however, while reviews are important they should not be the only thing you rely on when making the decision on which EHR to get. So while we encourage reading Kareo reviews, we hope you will also heed the advice of medical experts which we have compiled for you below. 

Kareo EHR

Kareo is arguably one of the most popular software out there. There are a multitude of Kareo software reviews you will find on the internet and be able to consult. But when it comes to a professional opinion, we might have a better idea of what the software caters to. The software is cloud based which makes it a top choice among a lot of practices because of the ease of accessibility a cloud based software is able to provide. It also has an intuitive user interface on the clinical EHR which helps navigate the software better and takes you much less time in doing tasks. Other helpful features it has are dashboards with task lists, patient charting, e-prescription and lab ordering and more; all these features make day to day functions at any medical practice much easier. And again reviews of Kareo attest to this fact. 

DrChrono MD

While Kareo user reviews talk about it very positively it is very important for you to know about other software in the market which you could potentially use. DrChrono is one of these software. This software is very adaptable to both the size of your practice and the speciality you have. It manages your patient medical records, your billing, your revenue cycle management and more. Overall, it does a lot of good and has reviews as positive as kareo EHR reviews. A lot of experts highly rate this software because the amount of customization it affords them. 


AdvancedMD is another great EHR offering. The software is as highly appreciated as other EHRs and the reviews are as positive as those of Kareo user reviews. The software has a lot of amazing qualities which people love including a great dashboard overview, task donuts, patient rooming and charts information, templates for charts and telemedicine. It also has a great mobile app. All of these reasons make this software a great choice for any practice. 


CareCloud is another very popular software among experts and consultants in the EHR related field. This is a software which is very flexible and caters to your needs instead of the other way around. A lot of reviews of Kareo talk about the fact how easy it is to navigate, well this software might be even easier to navigate because of its extremely user friendly user interface which is intuitive and helps you figure out what to do next. The software is equipped with a great reference library, chart templates, task management and more. 

Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts clearly thinks it caters to every need if the name of their software is to be believed. Kareo EHR reviews are very positive and similarly the reviews for this software are very positive too. It has very good practice management solutions, it focuses on patient demographics a lot and has both capabilities to be locally hosted and cloud hosted as well. It is overall a very good software which experts tend to like and recommend a lot. 

Where you Should Invest your Money

The final and most important question that you are probably asking yourself now is which of these software to invest in. There are countless opinions and reviews on the internet, so many kareo EHR Software exist as well which leads you to be confused since most of the aforementioned kareo software reviews are very positive. But what has been a positive experience for one medical practice does not mean it will be identical for you. The best way for you to figure out which EHR will be beneficial to you and your practice, is to make a list of all the features you require in an EHR and then figure out which of the many EHRs we have mentioned above suit most of your needs. Compare the list of their features with the feature you want to have in an EHR. Overall, it helps to have an idea of what you need in mind. If you still find yourself lost in terms of what to do then we advise you reach out to an expert on the subject of EHRs and get a consultation from them so you can figure out what to do.

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