Considering Whether to Buy A Solar Generator? Know What Are the Pros and Cons of A Solar Generator

The market for solar generators is one that is growing at a slow but steady pace. Replacing the conventional generators which were powered by costly and non – renewable fuels, portable generators that use solar energy to give an endless supply of electric energy have taken over the market. These solar generators are especially suitable for uncalled emergency scenarios such as when your phone battery runs out during a camping trip and you need to charge it, or to keep your lights turned on during a power outage.

The solar generators run through the help of in–built batteries that can be recharged by solar energy, which is captured through the solar panels. The solar energy that is captured is stored in the battery, which then goes through an inverter. The inverter converts the DC current into an AC current, which is the most applicable source of electricity in most devices nowadays. Now that you have a brief idea of what is a solar generator, let’s know are pros and cons of a solar generator.

The pros of a solar generator:

  • Solar generators do not require expensive fuels to run: Since sunlight is free and an unlimited source of energy, solar energy is also free and unlimited. The only investment you need is to spend on a solar panel and a solar generator and there you go: you have a free and unlimited source of electricity for the next many decades.
  • Solar energy is available in almost every possible region unlike fossil fuels: There are many remote areas where fuels such as gasoline or diesel are not readily available. And even if it is available, the costs are way too high and keeps on increasing with every single day. With the solar generators handy, you do not have to worry about this, since there are very less areas where sunlight is not available.
  • A clean and renewable source of energy ensures a healthy environment: It is a known fact that fossil fuels are not only an exhaustible source of energy which may run out over time, but they are also responsible for contributing to the sole reason of global warming and climate change: they release an insane amount of pollutants. But with solar energy you get an environment-friendly source of clean and green energy which is also renewable, so you do not have to fear exhausting it over time.
  • They do not require much maintenance and are also quiet: A solar generator is a quiet device. It does not have any part that moves or revolves; hence, you do not have to fear about any part coming off loose or breaking down. This means that you get to save a great amount of money that may have been required for the maintenance and servicing of the moving parts. The non – moving part also comes with an additional bonus: it means that there is no noise from the motor parts.

The cons of a solar generator:

  • You will have to spend some money for the initial setup: When compared to the traditional generators that run through gas or fuel, the initial setup of a solar generator requires much more of an investment. But then again, if you compare the operating costs required by both types of generators, you will observe that the solar generators are actually a much more cost-efficient option.
  • The solar generators require a longer time to recharge themselves: A downside of the solar generators is that they can only be recharged when the sun is out, which means nighttime or cloudy days are out of consideration. And even if the sun is out at full rage, the solar batteries take quite a lot of time to recharge themselves: a 100-watt solar panel will require about 6 to 8 hours to fully recharge a medium-sized solar generator’s batteries.


Now that you know both the pros and cons of asolar generator, you are now free to decide for yourself whether a solar generator or a fuel generator is suitable for your needs. However, we observed that the cons of the solar generator can easily overcome by making a few changes, such as the initial investment money will be recovered by the money saved by the operating cost, and you will be able to recharge your solar generator fully if you just give it some more time and you can even save energy by connecting it to a lesser number of gadgets. The benefits by far exceed the cons of a solar generator.

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