Construction site safety

Construction safety courses

Health and Safety :

Health and Safety course in Chennai of the workmen play a vital role in minimizing the number of risks at a construction site and,  safety should be implemented from the start to complete the construction work safely without any injury & adverse health issues.

The construction industry is one of  the most dangerous fields  in terms of workplace fatalities. As a safety Professional in this line of work, they have an obligation to understand the risks and keep workers safely on their job.

Safety in construction industry :

Following are the persisting  risks in a construction industry.

  •          Falling from a height.
  •          Electrical Shock & Electrical Burns.
  •          Falling objects.
  •          Exposure to dangerous substances.
  •          Dust inhalation.
  •          Working in confined spaces.
  •          Motor vehicle accidents.
  •          Lifting vehicle accidents

Construction safety is also important due to the Factory Act 1948 and workmen . have a right to a safe workplace.

The Factory Act emphasizes the appointment a Safety Professionals who acquire at least a  Safety Diploma  to provide sufficient training to the construction site personnel, as well, to ensure worksite safety.

late there is a boom in construction activities on account of the explosion in population.

As the construction activities are increasing, in recent years, builders and contractors have been paying more attention to workplace safety. A company that promotes safety measures will have a higher retention percentage in their workforce.

Hence Building and Construction promoters are engaging safety professionals in large numbers in their sectors. So the demand for the safety engineers for Construction field  are increasing year by year with attractive pay packages.nationally and internationally.

A construction safety officer implements safety policies and regulations in a construction site, also makes sure they are followed.

Their main responsibility is creating a safe environment for construction workers, of course they may take additional roles and responsibilities during a project.