Corporate Teambuilding

5 Reasons To Book Corporate Teambuilding Events?

As more organizations than the ever are turning to remote work in 2020, the approaching holiday seasons will undoubtedly be as unusual as office life in general. With virtual corporate teambuilding being the only choice for many remote teams, businesses will have to develop new and innovative ways to bring their employees together to celebrate their hard work. According to Executive Chef Events

Make their celebration unforgettable by holding an interactive cooking class with your remote workers near and far, whether it’s your first time organizing a virtual event for your remote workers or an event your team looks forward to each year.

5 Reasons To Book Virtual Teambuilding Event

We have developed a list of 5 reasons why you and your colleagues would enjoy an online cooking class as your virtual event

Involves Everyone 

Your team will be able to undertake a creative project together even if a shared cookery lesson separates them. You’ll go inside one other’s kitchens and homes, sharing the task of making the perfect pasta dough or folding empanadas with delicacy. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, tell stories, and receive feedback from your chef and teammates.

Share a One-of-a-Kind Experience

When was last time you learned to make authentic, international cuisine from a professional chef in person? When was last time you and your coworkers made authentic, international cuisine while being instructed live by a chef?

A professional cooking organizing event company takes your team on a culinary adventure. You learn to cook traditional recipes and often secret family recipes from locals, bringing a taste of every cuisine into your kitchens to share.

An expert cooking arranging occasion organization takes your group on a culinary experience. You figure out how to cook conventional plans and regularly secret family plans from local people, bringing a sample of each food into your kitchens to share.

Fully Customizable

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free options are all available. It’s not an issue. They can accommodate any dietary likings to create a meal that is just right for your group.

Do you want to take it to the next level? They may add wine tasting, wine pairing, or cocktail creation to any session to truly get the event started. So, create Pisco sours from Peru or Negronis from Florence, combine your food with northern and southern Italian wines, or compare Japanese sakés – all with the help of our chefs.

Stress-Free Setup 

They take care of all details so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself while cooking and interacting with your team. Once you’ve made a reservation, they will create an event page. It has all the information you and your guests will need to be ready for class. In addition, all of our sessions include a Zoom moderator. They will answer questions, type culinary instructions, and ensure that the event and technology go properly.

Also, for added convenience and reduced mess, they can deliver Recipe Kits with pre-measured ingredients to all of your guests. 

Add-Ons for Employee Gifts

Many businesses, especially during the holidays, desire to include small presents with their Recipe Kits for participants. For an extra unique surprise, choose from a variety of things branded with your company’s logo. This includes cocktail shakers, aprons, tumblers, t-shirts, kitchen items, and more.

Just because your employees will have to celebrate the holidays from afar doesn’t mean you can’t create a fantastic virtual party that they’ll appreciate. Allow them to assist you in making this year’s corporate events or end-of-year celebration extra unique and unforgettable.

Get in Touch With the Experts!

Executive Chef Events are passionate about Corporate Teambuilding and have a great time while teaching people. We travel great distances to make your event successful and memorable.

Let us design your cooking party or culinary competition. It brings your staff closer and equips them with expert cooking skills.