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The PrintComso company is a leader in the production of cardboard containers for storing and transporting goods for various purposes. With substantial experience in this field, high-tech production lines, as well as the ability and desire to develop, we position ourselves as a reliable and profitable manufacturer of cardboard containers.

The key to high quality of manufactured products is strict adherence to established standards and norms. To  order a cardboard box – to order  any shape and size – contact our company, and you will receive a solution that best suits your needs, budget and wishes.

Corrugated cardboard containers – distinctive properties, features and advantages

The modern  corrugated cardboard box  is very popular, and this has its advantages. This is a convenient type of product, the quality of which allows it to be used for various purposes.  

The advantages of using cardboard containers:

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes ensure high reliability of the stored products. It reliably protects goods from temperature, mechanical, atmospheric influences.
  • Cardboard boxes are completely environmentally friendly material. This is a universal packaging for use in combination with products of various types – suitable for storing food and non-food items.
  • Low cost of cardboard packaging. This is due to the availability of the material with the ease of the production process.
  • Various assortment. Corrugated cardboard boxes are presented in packages of small and large sizes.
  • Reliability and durability. Depending on the number of layers and wall thickness, various types of goods, in particular heavy industrial products, can be transported in them.
  • Compactness. Folded cardboard packaging takes up a minimum of space. It is stored unassembled and stacked one on top of the other.

Our company  produces folding boxes for packaging  as soon as possible. We present the most convenient packaging material on attractive terms with delivery. The company’s catalog contains products in a standard design, and products can also be purchased taking into account personal needs, budget, wishes and preferences.

Our company takes into account all the wishes of the customer, providing reliable products and comfortable conditions for cooperation, so many customers have become our regular customers. Join you too!

Corrugated box

Issue price

The cost of products is a powerful argument in favor of choosing a particular product. To reduce the production costs of packaging, it is recommended to purchase products on wholesale terms, and the larger the batch, the more profitable the cooperation, which has long been no secret.

Cardboard packaging costs significantly less than products of this size and construction made of other materials, in particular wood, plastic. And here, important attention should be paid not only to the availability of raw materials, but also to take into account the time spent on the production process.   

Benefits of cardboard packaging

Among the advantages of the production of cardboard containers, it is worth noting the possibility of automating the process, which allows the manufacture of containers ordered by the client according to individual needs, in the shortest possible time. With all due respect to human labor, it is impossible to make such a quantity of packaging products by hand. The labor costs for the production of cardboard boxes are relatively low.

Among the advantages of corrugated cardboard products, it is worth highlighting the following points:

  • Availability due to the low cost of material and the actual production process itself.
  • Environmentally friendly – does not harm humans and the environment.
  • Compactness – stored disassembled.
  • Wide scope of use – suitable for use with various types of products.
  • It allows air to pass through, which allows you to store products for a long time.

Among the strong properties of the cardboard container, it is worth noting the low weight, which is very convenient if used in small storage rooms. This is an important argument in favor of cardboard versus plastic and wood.

Disassembled inexpensive cardboard products take up a minimum of space. Cardboard containers are stacked one on top of the other. If necessary, the workpieces can be folded in minutes.

Among the important advantages, it is worth noting high resistance to dynamic, physical stress. Cardboard boxes perfectly withstand loads that are several times their own weight. Moreover, this feature acts both during storage of goods and during transportation of products.

Using such a container, products can be transported in several rows, which implies significant savings in space in the vehicle.

Among the disadvantages of corrugated cardboard containers is water permeability. To successfully solve this problem, plastic packaging is used.

Corrugated cardboard boxes allow you to solve many problems. We provide products in a standard design, as well as custom-made, taking into account the personal needs of the client. Our company offers delivery on  cardboard boxes for goods  in various areas on favorable terms.

Types of cardboard for the production of corrugated packaging

Currently, there are several types of raw materials for the manufacture of corrugated packaging. Using this or that type, you can get products with certain properties, characteristic features.

The cardboard itself has a multi-layer structure. And the more layers are used in production, the higher the product reliability and, accordingly, the higher the cost. Therefore, in this matter, it is important to determine what qualities a container should have in order not to overpay for properties that are not required.

The number of layers of corrugated cardboard ranges from two to seven. In the production of shipping containers, three and five-layer cardboard is most often used. Such products have fairly good indicators of rigidity, reliability, and at the same time have an affordable cost.

In three-layer cardboard, the corrugated layer is located between two even layers. The five-layer cardboard uses two corrugated layers, which are located inside the structure and partitioned off with even sheets.

Seven-layer cardboard is a fairly dense, rigid structure with high mechanical strength. Currently, it is actively used in the transportation, transportation of furniture, storage and transportation of equipment, household appliances and other products. If you need a container with maximum strength, stability, reliability, feel free to order boxes made of seven-layer cardboard.

Customized cardboard boxes

There are standard boxes available in sizes suitable for most applications. Such products are presented on the website of our company. However, a situation often arises when the packaging must have individual dimensions and strength indicators.

In this case, it is worth ordering products tailored to individual needs. This service does not require significant material costs and loss of time. The work is carried out as soon as possible thanks to the automation of the manufacturing process. 

Our company presents  cardboard packaging to the size that  is required by the consumer for the most effective solution to his task. Extensive experience, wide production facilities allow us to manufacture products that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding client.

In our work, we use modern technologies, high quality raw materials, and also carefully control the manufacturing process at all stages. This allows us to maintain a leading market position in this area.  

To profitably order corrugated cardboard packaging from a reliable manufacturer, leave a request on the website and you will receive a solution that best meets your needs at a favorable cost in the shortest possible time.

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