Corrugated Packaging Order

Products made from a material such as corrugated board are needed for packaging goods or products. All these products are called corrugated packaging. This corrugated packaging comes in a variety of sizes. Sometimes we are talking about small boxes, and sometimes about huge boxes. It is important to note that all types of corrugated packaging are designed strictly for certain products.

Scope of use of corrugated packaging

Most often, corrugated packaging is needed in order to sell or transport goods. These comfortable and functional products are great for a wide variety of needs.

What are the main advantages of corrugated packaging? Why has it become so popular in recent years?

1. Great opportunities in the field of design. This means that the manufacturer of this product can choose any shape and size. In some cases, corrugated packaging is needed for a gift. Obviously, in this case, it should be quite stylish and modern.

2. Also worth noting is the excellent quality / price ratio. This is very important if you need to purchase a large number of items. This can save you a lot of money.

3. Corrugated packaging is also an environmentally friendly material. It is designed to minimize damage to the environment.

4. Convenience of transportation, use and storage. This is very important, because for this reason corrugated packaging has become so popular. Today they are found in a wide variety of fields.

Types of corrugated packaging. Wholesale corrugated boxes

Usually these products are subdivided into 2 rather large groups at once. We are talking about consumer packaging and transport packaging. Most often they are bought in bulk.

In the case of transport packaging, corrugated board is used, which cannot boast of any exceptional qualities in the field of printing, as well as attracting the attention of buyers of any product. However, the main advantage of transport packaging is its amazing strength. This type of packaging is designed to provide the maximum possible protection of any transported goods from any loss or damage.

In some cases, for transportation needs, a corrugated container is used at all, which is made of five-layer cardboard. Sometimes the number of layers of cardboard reaches seven. A special sheet corrugated board is also used. It has 2 layers. This material is needed for packaging various decorative items and furniture. It is able to reliably protect furniture from any potential damage that may arise due to one or another emergency situation on the road.

Corrugated packaging. Buy at a low price

Consumer corrugated packaging is needed as an advertisement. That is why a different type of corrugated board is used for its release. Usually we are talking about the material on which it is possible to carry out full-fledged color printing. Quite often, in the case of consumer corrugated packaging, the manufacturer uses an unusual design and non-standard shapes. This is necessary in order to interest a potential buyer of the goods that are inside the corrugated packaging.

This material allows you to create packaging for a wide variety of target customer audiences. Thus, you can significantly increase the level of sales and achieve excellent commercial performance.

Corrugated packaging. Four-valve

There are also four-valve corrugated packaging that are needed to transport small household appliances or office supplies.

By the way, consumer corrugated packaging is the most popular for the vast majority of people. These are the same cardboard boxes in which people bring home consumer goods and food. Many products made from this material are made in such a way that they can store food for a long time. Sometimes we are even talking about animal products. Although a refrigerator will be required to extend the shelf life of products, packaging made from this material will also play a role in increasing the shelf life of the material.

It is worth noting the subspecies of corrugated cardboard packaging. In particular, transport and production corrugated containers are often used today. Production packaging is required to store any of the same type of goods. It is able to protect products from damage. In addition, many goods are often packaged in individual packaging, which can be made from expensive materials. For example, Parker pens can cost more than one hundred dollars, so they are packaged in expensive and elegant boxes covered with velvet and other similar materials. To ensure that velvet or any similar material is not damaged during transportation, corrugated packaging is used.

Transport corrugated packaging is needed when transporting goods over long distances. Quite often, the manufacturer supplies it with special shock absorbers, as well as liners made of corrugated cardboard.

Production of packages from corrugated board

Corrugated cardboard allows providing numerous shops and businesses with a large number of cheap and high-quality packaging. Since packaging made from this material can have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it can be used for a variety of needs. Moreover, the production technology of this material makes it possible to produce packages of even the most unusual shapes. Most often, manufacturers produce corrugated containers, corrugated boxes, corrugated boxes, corrugated trays.

It is important to note that a multilayer material and a certain brand of cardboard can be used for manufacturing, which to the greatest extent meets certain requirements.


Packaging made from a material such as corrugated board has earned the trust of consumers and manufacturers around the world. This is not surprising, because it has become the most widespread in both the industrial and food industries. Versatility, as well as low price are the key to popularity.

Today corrugated cardboard is one of the most popular and demanded materials. It boasts a host of advantages that no other similar material has.

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