DIY bedroom decor super easy projects to personalize

DIY bedroom decor super easy projects to personalize

DIY bedroom decor super easy projects to personalize. The bedroom decoration – this space which contains our little personal universe, says a lot about our character and our habits. For this purpose, more and also of us prefer the customized design that suits us. And if it could be cheaper, so much the better. We then turn to the world of homemade, which offers us a bunch of suggestions for DIY bedroom decor projects to make yourself. In this article, we’ll help you stock up on DIY ideas to personalize your intimate corner.

DIY bedroom to create a cheerful decor

These pretty paper rosettes that you see above are just one of the many ideas you can do to adorn your room with a pretty colorful decorative accent. Their manufacture is straightforward and fast. You have to fold the paper accordion, then take it in the middle and glue together the two parts thus formed to obtain a fan. By attaching the two lovers, you get a rosette. Nothing rocket science, is it? This little tutorial starts with an important idea. Many projects need to be done in two stages, three movements, and you shouldn’t be afraid to get started. Stay with us because there are many more ideas like this just waiting to be realized by you and the lotus flower drawing.

DIY bedroom – simple macramé decoration to adorn your walls

DIY bedroom decor super easy projects to personalize

Materials needed: 

· Pre-cut cotton twine

· Wooden chopsticks

· Textile dye

· Plastic container for dissolving paint

· Bowl

· Scissors

· Masking tape


The first thing to do, on which the success of your decoration project also depends, is to make sure that your chopsticks are stable and well fixed on the work surface. For this purpose, you will cut two pieces of string with which you must tie on the two ends of each of your chopsticks. Stretch the correct line upwards and then connect it to the work surface using washi tape.

Then, use as many threads as possible to decorate the first baguette, the one that is the longest (a hundred strings will be sufficient). Each row should be folded in half and then tied underneath on the stick. It is a job that requires a lot of patience, but you will see that the result is worth it. We leave you the choice of the length of the fringe.

The second fringe border that you need to create on the dual wand has about fifty strings. Be careful, and this one will remain uncolored!

Before coloring the lower part of your bangs, you must let them rest for about ten minutes in a bowl filled with water. However, dissolve the dye in water, following the instructions displayed on the sachet.

Then, remove the fringe of string from the bowl filled with water, drain well and place the wet part in the container with the dye. To create an ombre effect, immediately peel off the top few inches of the colored part and pat dry with a paper towel. Finally, let the rest sit for an hour in the dye (or the staining time indicated on the label of the paint used). Remove, let dry, and compose your decoration. In the specific case, the non-colored macramé piece place above the one that was tinted. As you will see below, this creates a pretty interesting effect.

A marble-effect candlestick to adorn your bedside

Do you want to create a romantic cocoon atmosphere in your room? So this tutorial is what you are looking for!

Materials needed:

· Nail polish (2, 3 colors)

· Glass candle jar

· A plastic box

· Wooden spade

· Rubbing alcohol

· Varnish

· Wax paper


You want to make the first limit to clean the outside of the glass jars by rubbing them with a towel soaked in alcohol. Then fill your plastic container with water. Ten centimeters of the contents are pretty sufficient. It is not necessary to fill the container to the bottom.

Then put on a few drops of nail polish in each of the colors you chose, making sure to complete this process as quickly as possible. Then, before the nail polish dries, take the wooden pick and start stirring to disperse the colors. Continue until you have marbled patterns that you like.

Then, you can already immerse the glass jar in the emulsion. Spin the pot on itself to color its surface with pretty marbled shapes. Finally, please remove it from the water and let it dry on a piece of waxed paper. To protect the surface, apply a layer of varnish on it. There you go, put a candle in the glass jar and surround yourself with a romantic atmosphere.

Colorful cushions to give your room a little pep

Materials needed:

· Textile paint (various colors)

· Pillowcases

· Newspaper or card stock to insert between the two sides of the pillowcase


In the beginning, everything you want to do is insert some card stock inside the pillowcase. Otherwise, the paint you will apply could run through and stain the other side of the pillowcase.

Then, you can unleash your creativity to create the designs that see you. Repeat above for more intensity. However, one tip that we would like to share with you is to let the paint dry after applying each coat again to prevent the color from getting through.

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