Business Initiatives that Will Give You Food For Thought

You might think a business is simply and solely meant to earn profits and focus on the gains, or is it so? A growing number of business ventures, big and small, are experimenting with new ideas to serve customers better, offer something new, do something innovative, or even bring alive some memorable moments.

These initiatives will force you to see human creativity and business sense in a new light. The way businesses can go beyond merely providing products and services to lend that rare human touch almost inspires imagination. Let us take a look at some such initiatives.

‘Mobile Mall’ App

You no longer need to physically go there to shop in a mall because now you can do it virtually right from the comfort of your couch. ‘Dote-The Mobile Mall’ is an app developed by Dote to bring the experience of shopping in a mall and looking for exciting discounts and bargains on your favourite brands at your fingertips. The app boasts of connecting users with nearly 100 different brands and facilitates easier access to deals and discounts from their favourite brands.

You can create a curated list of preferred retailers and stores and track price drops on select items to bag the best deals. On top of it, you can shop items from multiple stores spread across different locations and take advantage of the simplified single virtual shopping cart and smooth checkouts without any hassle. This would help save a great deal of time and money for users and offer a much better experience in shopping at a virtual mall.

Sail-in River Cinema Theater

The Cinema sur l’Eau is a creative initiative in France to offer cinemagoers the unique experience of sailing in the iconic Seine River to their open-air river theatre. To make it possible, a 16×9 meter screen was installed on the river banks to screen the Gilles Lellouche film Le Grand Bain in July 2020. Patrons watched from 38 electric boats, and 150 deck chairs were also set up on the Quai de Seine to allow pedestrians to enjoy this cinematic experience of its kind.

The novel Cinema sur l’Eau cinematic experiment was a part of the summer Paris Plages 2020 festival in the Parc Rives de Seine and La Villette canal basin. These unusual artistic initiatives underline the spirit of human ingenuity and how a thoughtful approach can bring alive some of the most beautiful and memorable experiences.

Mental Health Coverage With Modern Health

Modern Health is a corporate insurance platform dealing with mental health coverage and tailor-made insurance buyers and providers’ pairings. The corporation is primarily known for innovative digital insurance solutions and programs for a broad spectrum of users. Modern Health is providing a virtual platform with personalized employer insurance solutions suited to specific employer-employee needs.

The solutions provide virtual visits and text-based check-ins, where employees can consult certified coaches to address mental health issues. It also offers on-demand evidence-based virtual programs for employees from the same platform. This initiative aims to bridge the gap in terms of access to mental health resources and coverage and make employers sit up and rethink employee mental health concerns.

Some of the services include psychotherapy, counselling for stress and anxiety issues, tracking emotional health of employees and even financial well-being and psychological anxiety arising from financial issues. To be able to enjoy mental health coverage and access to mental healthcare as part of employer insurance can help employees. It could save several people from losing jobs due to falling performance due to unmanageable work stress and being forced to look for loans for the unemployed with bad credit.

App Offers Access to Exclusive Art Auctions

‘Fair Warning’ app has been developed by former Christie’s co-chairman Loic Gouzer to allow amateur and seasoned art collectors, access to exclusive art auctions. The users can access available art pieces, place bids through the app and manage their online account on this unique digital platform.

Each week a single piece of art is auctioned off starting on Sundays at 5 pm EST. However, the app is invite-only, maintaining some of the exclusivity usually associated with these events. Traditionally, art auctions are exclusive events with reserved access for a select few. Still, this digital initiative is set to change things dramatically by allowing access to many art lovers who previously had no means of participating in these auctions.


Creative human instinct and the urge to find elegant solutions to human needs can come together beautifully in business ventures like the ones we have discussed here. It is time for the business world to take stock its outdated and outmoded ways of doing business and focus on adding a bit of creativity and ease of access where needed and striving to bring the much-needed human touch. Here is a beginning, but there is a long way to go.

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