Do You Know What Are The 4 Types Of Introverts?

You might picture someone all alone and quiet, but introverts are so much more than that. It all depends on how they process the world and interact with others. Do you know what are the four types of introverts? It is essential to identify and accept your kind of introversion to cope better with daily life as an introvert.

Social Introvert

A social introvert is often perceived as timid in social gatherings, but it’s not always the case. If you are a social introvert, it means you prefer to stay alone or go out with a few of the selected buddies rather than enjoying yourself with a large group of people. Being with people does not provoke your anxiety. You merely want the comfort of your loneliness and would prefer to stay at home with a book.

Common Traits

  • Will choose a solo vacation or date.
  • Prefer tiny private gatherings
  • Will accept the social invitations without having any intention to show up.
  • Require alone time to recharge, especially when in a relationship

Tips For Social Introverts

  • Do not overexert yourself at any event to make others happy.
  • Embrace the introverted nature that you have.
  • Keep in touch with family and those friends who accept you the way you are.
  • Allocate some time away from the noise, especially when you have a long day of events.

Thinking Introvert

Do you often think deeply, wonder about life and analyze yourself? Well, you are a thinking introvert then. Thinking introverts do not avoid social situations and never mind other people’s presence. They are introverts because they have a vibrant inner life, always thoughtful, especially when they read a book or watch a movie. They reflect on how they feel in their imaginary world, losing themselves in their dreamy imagination.

Common Traits

  • Lean towards those activities that provide them with a mental haven for thinking: reading, studying, musical pursuits, researching and other such creative activities.
  • More introspective as compared to average introverts
  • Super self-aware
  • Usually not reactive and often pause to think before they react.

Tips For Thinking Introverts

  • Make time to reflect on your emotions and thoughts.
  • Pursue your creativity by making a schedule that you can follow.
  • Grasp your strengths, set out a career that is good for introverts like you.
  • Do not lose touch with reality when you are deep in your thoughts. Just build meaningful relationships with it to keep you motivated.

Anxious Introvert

Compared to social introverts, anxious introverts separate themselves to avoid the social spotlight, particularly the unfamiliar ones. They are self-conscious and feel awkward when they are around people. This is because they are not confident with their social skills. However, loneliness does not reduce their anxiety as they continue to think about what has gone wrong even after the event.

Common Traits

  • May appear rude and highly avoidant.
  • Typically appear mildly nervous in most situations.
  • Avoid social interactions at any cost.

Tips For Anxious Introverts

  • Prioritize your overall health through exercising, practicing mindfulness and having a balanced diet.
  • Take notes of all the situations that cause you anxiety, read up on ways to manage your anxiety.
  • Open up to your family and good friends for support. You may also consult a psychiatrist from Islamabad via
  • It might be tough but remember that things will be all right in the end.

Restrained Introvert

Restrained introverts think before they speak. They do not feel energized from the moment they wake up. They instead need their time to warm up, gather their thoughts and observe before they can act or speak. They are careful while making decisions and usually shy away from spontaneous situations.

Common Traits

  • Enjoy predictable activities
  • Move at a slower and methodical pace in all things.
  • Often unemotional

Tips For Restrained Introverts

  • Spend some time with yourself at the end of the day to de-stress yourself.
  • Allocate some additional time for yourself in the morning to get yourself ready.
  • Cultivate such a lifestyle that is an introvert-friendly to reduce your stress
  • Avoid isolating yourself from family and your close friends.
  • Take time and organize your thoughts before you start to communicate your ideas. Be sure to take little pauses and slow down if you have to.

So, now you have identified which introvert you are, charge forward and seize the day! Embrace your true self, whoever you are. Be comfortable in your introverted skin and rock the extroverted world!