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How to film captivating documentary? Documentary Filmmaking

Documentary filmmaking has always been a rewarding project for videographers. It always pays off in numerous ways since the audience is too curious about something new and unique. Moreover, these films educate people, open minds to thoughts, and spur new researches. With all these positives in mind, a filmmaker will always accept the challenge of shooting a documentary. However, it is a task easier said than done. Shooting a documentary has been a tough ask since its inception, and professionals always get stuck at some points. This article will provide a step-wise guide to shooting a documentary. Keep reading to learn more!

Step by step guide to filming a captivating documentary:

Documentary filmmaking will walk you through various challenging steps. A first-timer can easily lose track and quit the job. However, you should not give up since we are here to help you. Before you get your camera ready, you must go through this guide to know what’s coming your way. Keep scrolling to know more!

1. Find a story:

The first thing you should do is find a story that the audience will buy. The theme or subject of your project is something very crucial, and you should not take it lightly. Think about a subject or theme that you truly care about. Odds are, you, as of now, have an idea that likewise urged you to Documentary filmmaking

It very well may be anything under the sun, as long as there is a crowd of people for it. Here are different things you may have to consider to decide the topic, tone, length, and surprisingly the shooting style of your documentary:

  • What is the purpose of your documentary?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Where will your shoot? (Shooting location)
  • Where will it be published? (Web, cinema, or broadcast)

With all these points in mind, finding a story and conceptualizing it will never be a problem. An appealing story means half the job done.

2. Do your research:

It would be tomfoolery to start your project without any prior research. Once you have finalized your topic and theme, now is the time to know everything about it. Documentaries need to be based on truth, unlike any other movie or short film. That is where the element of research matters the most.

There are most likely many different documentaries that investigate a similar subject. So you will have to track down an alternate point, assemble new realities, and the quest for fascinating characters and potential storylines. Do consider the following points:

  • Take notes during your research
  • Make it accurate
  • Conduct interviews (if necessary)
  • Watch documentaries with a similar topic
  • Look for distinguishing features
  • Include points that will resonate with your audience

3. Gather camera equipment:

After taking notes and the research is completed, the next step is to get your cameras ready and go out on the quest. Before you can begin dealing with your documentary, you will need to gather your camera equipment. Your pack can get as unpredictable as you’d like, yet the main hardware incorporates the following things:

  • Camera: You need to take high-resolution DSLR or mirrorless cameras with you. It would be best if you also took action cameras and smartphones to record footage.
  • Microphones: Documentary shooting is incomplete without a shotgun mic. You can also take a lavalier mic with you.
  • Tripod: Tripod will make your shots and footage as smoother as you would like.

As a smaller shooter, it is difficult for you to gather all these materials. The best way to go successfully around your project is to connect with an expert Production company in Dubai. You can benefit from their experienced actions at different shooting stages.

4. Plan for production:

This is the part where you can make a more detailed plan for shooting your documentary. With all the important data in hand, consider how you will introduce your story. Decide your center story focuses, convincing components in your story, essential characters, narrating design, and general storyline.

You will need all the necessary data you have collected to execute the shoot. Include all the original footage and create moments that will leave the audience WOW!

5. Plan your budget:

A one-man crew documentary filmmaking may skip this step, but larger teams should not overlook it. Creating a budget plan will assist you in realizing how far you can go. What equipment you can purchase and what locations you can explore. Having a clear budget plan in mind will help you in all these aspects.

6. Make necessary edits:

Once everything is shooted and done, now is the time to give the final touches to your documentary. It is not necessary that everything you captured on-site will be perfect. You will always need to make necessary edits like sound, visuals, and VFX effects.

To make your documentary stand out in all aspects, you need to work with someone professional. You may not necessarily have all the skills and equipment to make things right. It would be best to hire a professional production company in Dubai.

Need help for your next production? Hire professionals!

Production and shooting a film or documentary is a tough ask. With so many enduring tasks and steps, the process leaves you obscured. These tasks are almost impossible without the help of professional experts. Hire one for your next production task!

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