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Dress code for the graduation session: tips.


The degree is a very difficult goal to achieve, it requires time and effort, but it certainly gives us many emotions and makes us look forward to the future. better future given the importance it has in the world of work . That is why, after years of commitment and sacrifice, graduation day becomes important for those who reach it but also for everyone. invited to the event . We are going to find out the dress code for the graduation session , with all the necessary tips to have an impeccable and appropriate Look. to the situation


If many years ago it was a little used option, today the dress is a smart option (as well as fashionable). The dress acquired for this occasion, in fact, can also be used on other occasions since it is very versatile, unlike the classic suit. However, this choice must be made carefully, choose graduation dresses that are straight and never too low-cut or short. Remember that it is important to appear sober and not vulgar, so eliminate small dresses with too lush colors, paying attention to the length of the skirt (it should never be more than the knee but not too short).


Among the most popular and undoubtedly most appreciated dress codes, we find the Tailleur. Whether with a skirt or pants, you cannot risk making mistakes. Of course, it is necessary to stay sober and choose it preferably in one color, possibly keeping the dark tones that always give it that extra touch of elegance. Opt for a long jacket that covers at least half the side, and avoid ones that are too short and narrow to avoid looking like a businesswoman.


For a more original look that best represents you, you can go for a broken one. Whether you choose a skirt or trousers (always remember the importance of the event that needs more classic and elegant cuts), you can in any case combine a shirt with a soft and elegant fabric, such as silk. Alternatively, pair a jacket that creates a nice color break but appears to be combined. An example always used is: beige jacket in brown pants.


In the case of women, heels are mandatory. You could easily go for a more comfortable shoe, but the heel adds that extra flair and helps enhance the body by giving it momentum. In this case, the heel height is the difference. A heel that is too high can be a bit vulgar, while one that is too small would be awkward. It is best to stay about three inches, focusing on the neckline for skirts and low booties for pants.


What we can say is that the watchword for choosing the appearance of the title is sobriety and that is why accessories must be chosen with care. Piercings, studs and jewels that are too showy, let’s save them for other occasions. We focus on the classics, such as a fine white gold chain or a pearl necklace that are very suitable to wear even in the form of earrings. Choose a classic bag or a tote bag and remember that makeup should be light and with natural tones.


Finally, we want to suggest that always choose graduation dresses wisely because this event of your life will never come again. Choose a classic bag or a tote bag and remember that makeup should be light and with natural tones. . Choose a classic bag or a tote bag and remember that makeup should be light and with natural tones.

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