Artificial Plants

Easy Hints For Arranging And Containing Artificial Plants

Don’t be afraid to try your own arrangements

A lot of DIY decorators feel hesitant about the idea of creating flower and Artificial Plants arrangements. Many opt to purchase already-plan so they can avoid the time and hassle, not to mention the worry of creating something on their own. While this is not an enterprise for everyone, it can’t hurt to try it at least once. There are many good online tutorials for flower arranging alone, and after you watch a few of them, save or pin your favourites and jump right in!

Choosing and combining single flowers or plant elements

Most people find choosing colours and varieties of Artificial Plants to be the trickiest part. If you are at a retailer’s, you can either ask a store stylist for suggestions or simply look around. This is a matter of tastes, and since tastes vary, you may find good examples of what to avoid; many pre-made arrangements tend to use cheap or gaudy materials.

Some of the brightest colours, for example, also look the least natural and might be a poor option if you are going for as natural a look as possible. Spend time going to public gardens or researching at the library or online for natural-looking arrangements and take photos and clippings with you to the store so you’ll have some good ideas beforehand. Look for single Artificial Plants and stems that will offer you the best variety for your money. Some may be ferny and light in texture and colour; others may be more dense or textured, and possibly the colour could be deeper.

Again, if you have good ideas and visual examples with you, you will know what to look for. If you feel like saving money on something creative, go for a pre-arrange and see if you can pull out unwanted elements later. Add in unique and creative touches by adding a few singles purchased elements later. This personalizes your look for less time and probably less expense.

Find the perfect containers

So much of what creates a strong visual statement for Artificial Plants comes from the containers used. Pick a cheap-looking container and your plant choice will not look as great, no matter the quality of the plant. Containers matter! The best way to find a great plant container is to assess colour, texture, height, or overall weight, If your plant display is tall or wide, your container needs to be bigger to balance the look and not look strange in the space.

The larger the fake plants the larger the container needs to be. Colour choice is more subjective, but if you want the display to blend in a bit, use darker containers. You can add interest by choosing unique textures for the container, or unique shapes. If you want the container and plant to pot visually, you will want lighter, bigger, or unusual containers. Just be sure when you choose, you don’t overwhelm the plant or arrangement.

Find a way to showcase your flora and fauna, rather than showcase the container. Make your own, if you have a crafty talent. You won’t need to worry about using porous materials if you’re using artificial plants that don’t need water or soil. If you’re making your own arrangement, you can use floral bases like green foam and Sphagnum moss for your individual flowers or plant elements. Keep the top level of your base at or just below the rim of your container for the best look.