Eco-Friendly Tips to Save The Ocean

Eco-Friendly Tips to Save The Ocean While Yacht Charter Tour


With a growing number of people opting for yacht charter tours, taking care of marine life for a sustainable ecosystem is vital. In this article, we will look at some of the essential and basic tips on sailing in an eco-friendly way. 

You want to reap the benefits of an ecstatic vacation to a prime location in a fairy-tale way. But, you care for the planet and want to protect your pristine sailing destinations so that they remain blissful to the generations of travellers to come. So, won’t you ‘go green? Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in sailing, it is never too late to follow environment-friendly habits on your yacht tour. And with constant reminders from various authorities and environmentalists, you may have become accustomed to many of the practices you follow in your daily life. 

With an increasing number of people opting for yacht rental for their vacations, it has become essential than ever to be more responsible towards marine life and think of sailing sustainably. There is a global movement to encourage people to live in an environment-friendly way. Reduce the use of single-use plastics and be more watchful of how their actions influence the environment. 

Here in this post, we will discuss how to make your yacht charter tour sustainable and eco-friendly. 

1. Minimise the use of Motor

Whether you are sailing solo or a skippered yacht, if you are sailing a yacht to travel and the conditions on the sea are suitable, minimise the use of the motor, instead use the sailing option powered by wind. This is because motorboats use an engine that runs on fuel, which is not favourable for sea life. 

2. Anchor With Care

Ensure that when you anchor your yacht, you do not damage the plants and other marine life on the seafloor. Try anchoring in water deep enough to evade grounding your boat with the change of tides. It is best to anchor in sand or mud and keep away from delicate marine ecosystems that include flora and fauna. Using mooring balls is ideal. 

3. Give Space to Marine Life

Eco-Friendly Tips to Save Ocean

As you cruise, watching marine life swim around you would be one of the best experiences on a yacht rental vacation. However, if you see wildlife close to your vessel, slow it down. Try to maintain a distance of around 100m/300ft from sealife, wherever you find them, be it around the water or on cliffs, beaches and elsewhere.

4. Clear the Clutters Your Carry

Do not leave anything behind when you leave a place. Enjoy as much as you can but ensure you carry back all the rubbish you have brought. Your clutters can hurt coastal wildlife.

5. Do not Throw Anything Overboard

Do not throw anything overboard while you are sailing. Instead, if possible, try to remove larger pieces of plastic that you come across on the sea or anywhere during your tour. Whatever you throw into the sea can be harmful to the sea animals. 

6. Avoid Use of Plastic

Make sure you are not carrying plastics onboard. The fewer plastics we use, the less these products will find their place in the market. Always use paper products or products made of eco-friendly fabric that can be recycled or composted. Also, avoid disposable straws, glasses, plates and cutlery or any single-use plastic products like packaged water bottles. Instead, go for reusable bottles, plates, glasses, cutleries or mugs and encourage sustainable sailing. 

7. Try to Use Facilities on Land 

Ensure your yacht rental in Dubai has a holding tank, and you use it only when you need it. Try to use facilities on land if possible. Also, use eco-friendly toilet cleaners because chemicals can harm sea life. Finally, do not shower for a long time, and try to pour when you are on the shore. It will save water and reduce water pollution.

Above are some of the tips you can follow for an eco-friendly yacht rental tour in Dubai or any place of choice in the world.