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7 eCommerce Store Development Errors & How to Fix Them

An eCommerce start-up is always seeking conversions. But most start-ups commit several eCommerce development errors that ultimately obstruct their growth. It is vital to learn about the SEO errors that a start-up might commit unknowingly. Committing these errors regularly will hinder your way to reaching a worldwide market. Careful planning can help you prevent the committing of those errors. By implementing a few thoughtful techniques, you will be able to fix the mistakes. Any eCommerce Development Agency will place special focus on these while developing eCommerce websites for their clients.

Irrespective of the SEO strategy you have shaped for your eCommerce business’s betterment, you must learn about the common mistakes you might be committing. By this, not just your business attains exposure in SERPs, but also you can maximize the reach.

The expert SEO executives can assist you in achieving this efficiently. But still, you must educate yourself about eCommerce mistakes and the ways of avoiding them. The eCommerce mistakes to avoid are as follows:

  1. Forgetting Consumer Psychology

The foremost thing that you need to ensure for your eCommerce business is whether it is satiating your customers or not. Customer is king, and this you cannot afford to forget if you do not want to carry the reputation of running bad eCommerce websites.

You can guarantee that your customers are always happy by comprehending their buying psychology. Along with learning about the customers’ dislikes and likes, you must know about their interests too. This will help you in being calculative. It is not advisable to over or undervalue the purchasing potential of the consumers as it will fail. No eCommerce business must commit these eCommerce development errors.

Influencing the consciousness of the consumers is necessary. Also, running rates of conversion tests is advisable for learning what works for the audience. So as per that, you must format the eCommerce website pages.

2. Locking Up Contact Information:

You can never expect your customers to take an interest in your business if they do not know what your business is all about. Until they know you from the inside out, they will always be hesitant in handing over information related to their credit card.

They must always know if they can connect to a real person if they get into a particular issue. They should know that they will always receive the assistance they need. You must never conceal the contact information on your website. Every consumer must be able to discover contact information easily. If you hide it, they will not be able to trust your website. Like this, they will never be able to make proper trades with you. 

3. Faulty Redirects and 404 Errors

If there are 404 errors present, it means that the link of the website never exists. Users can get very frustrated with this, but it will be a reason for a loss in profits for your eCommerce business. No matter what the situation, users must always be directed to the website and without any fail. In this space, you must guarantee that the server configuration of the website is always on point.

Sorting out all kinds of technical glitches is very important for making the website available. So when it comes to eCommerce development errors, it is paramount to avoid these. If there is a new location on the website, you have to set a new redirect URL.

If there is an instance of page deletion as well, you must sort out all technical glitches. In the scenario of two separate URLs for the desktop and mobile websites, a user must log in from the Smartphone with the help of a desktop URL. It must be directed to the Smartphone compatible website. The SEO experts can assist you in easily discovering the faulty directs and 404 errors. You can sort these issues then within a small amount of time. 

4. Bad Options of Customer Service

This is equivalent to concealing contact details, as we learned in the step mentioned above. Customers must find it very simple to reach you in case they have a query or a question.

In this space, committing eCommerce website development mistakes to take place unknowingly. You need to make it crystal clear to your customers about how they can contact you most simply.

In case they have a particular product to return or have a sales or technical question, your consumers must always be able to reach you in seconds. Customers must be able to get the hands-on help application form for filling out. You should not only have one email address for them to depend on. 

5. A Confusing or Lengthy Checkout Process

An eCommerce website can commit several damaging mistakes. Customers must never find it challenging to end their order by putting in all credit card details seamlessly. If several steps between the consumers are booking the order in the cart and disbursing the amount for it, the more prospects you offer them to abandon the website. As the consumers will refrain from ending the purchase, there will be bounce rates.

This will affect the conversion rates as well. This is the perfect example of operating bad eCommerce websites. So you do not have the liberty to make such eCommerce mistakes. The ideal checkout procedure incorporates a single page for customers for checking the order and entering the shipping and billing information.

Before the customers submit the final order, they must first be able to witness a confirmation page. There must not be any hindrance in seamlessly ending the checkout procedure. 

6. Tiny Product Pictures

When you have an eCommerce business, it is pretty evident that customers will not have the liberty of checking out the products in their hands. Since they cannot do that, you need to recreate the images in the best possible manner.

Enhancing the experience is highly necessary as minute product pictures will not prove to be effective. Herewith some careful planning, you can easily refrain from committing eCommerce mistakes.

Either you must permit the users in clicking on the pictures for zooming in, or else you can offer large pictures on product pages. Users must be able to witness the pictures as if they are viewing them on a regular monitor. The best size that you must aim for is enlarging the images to 1024*768 pixels. 

7. Improper Designs of Shopping Cart

Be it a small or an established eCommerce business or website, and the essential part is the shopping cart. This is the space that enables users to add many products and also reread the quantities. It must be transparent at all times. But this can be pretty challenging, right? Here, unknowingly you might make some mistakes.

The accidental placing of these eCommerce development errors can cost your business a lot. The first thing to ensure is that the cart enables the user to add a product and quickly return to the previous page.

It will be even better if a user can add a product to the cart without leaving the actual page they were on. Customers must be able to edit the item quantities in the cart or eliminate a cart’s product. 

 Final Say

Setting up an eCommerce website is simple yet beneficial with all the handy professional help you can get your hands on these days. But how do you ensure that you are making the eCommerce development errors as mentioned above? You can very quickly by going through all the tips that we shared in this informative blog post. Other than that, an eCommerce Development Agency is always here to serve you for meeting business needs. The experts will channel your business towards extreme growth.