Electric Cars in Dubai | Start of a New Era

The world is moving towards energy sustainability and power consumption. With increased environmental awareness and spikes in fuel prices, electric cars are becoming quite popular in Dubai. Also termed EVs, these smart vehicles are battery-charged and emit low volumes of carbon emission into the air. Thereby, becoming a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for many.

Electric Cars Will Ignite the Automotive Era

Electric cars are considered to begin a new era in the world of commuting. Here’s a look at some of the reasons that equip electric cars to be a fundamental reason in bringing about this change:

Going Green

The lockdown implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to rethink and revisit our lifestyle. In doing so, many have tried to incorporate green and eco-friendly practices into their way of life.

It remains quite the same for those looking for new or used cars in Dubai. People now tend to prioritize less noisy and more fuel-efficient car options. However, if your budget allows, prefer buying an electric car rather than the already prevalent fuel-driven cars. They consume less fuel, have zero tailpipe emissions, and help maintain clean air quality.

Quality Investment

Electric cars are considered to be a quality investment. With a one-time investment, you can save a lot more during car ownership. These cars have lower running costs and one can travel more at less cost.


Fully electric cars have reduced cost for every mile traveled. It can cost you as little as 2p per mile, compared with 8p+ per mile for a fuel-based car. When calculated, recharging the EV can cost you as low as a few pennies. Thereby, becoming a very sound investment and consumptions option for you.

Reduced Service Costs

Electric cars have another add-on benefit of fewer moving parts. That means less wear-and-tear, less force of parts, and lower susceptibility to manage, leading to fewer garage visits. In that way, one does not have to worry about the possible service and maintenance costs that surface on a seasonal basis.

Less Noise Pollution

EVs are less noisy as they have fewer working parts and are operated by a battery. When driving, these cars can be very quiet. In some states of the world, legislators have proposed the installation of noisemakers to alert the pedestrians about the presence of the car. Nevertheless, electric cars don’t contribute to noise pollution.

Variety of Car Options

Electric Cars are offered by a number of car brands, with their own unique purposes. Many Dubai cars showrooms now have EVs available, both new and pre-owned.

We have heard all the fancy names like Tesla, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Porsche, BMW, and many more. With the increase in the variety of electric cars, one can forecast the future, when more people are owning electric cars.

All of these EVs differ in terms of range, specifications, pricing, model, power, efficiency, torque, and the list goes on. Based on these specifications, one can choose their best pick. Just make sure that you research thoroughly and don’t fall for the fascinating advertisements. Your honest input will help you make the best pick.

Safe and Reliable

Electric cars tend to be safer and secure. Even in unfortunate cases, these cars won’t burn up because of a lack of flammable fuel, making them even more popular.

With all these benefits, safety measures, and the influx of people entering the emirate, the price is bound to increase. Therefore, this will remain a profitable investment for your electric vehicle.

More Tax Incentives

EVs save you from lots of maintenance charges. But there’s more to it. Opting for electric car options brings you closer to receiving the tax credits and local incentives. After all, as a citizen, you are contributing towards the government’s environmental goals, and you should be rewarded.

Dubai rewards you by giving free parking spaces, free Salik tags, free EV Registration, and even free public charging. They can sound minimal, however, when availed more often, it will significantly save you on your cost. All of it is made possible with your ownership of an EV!

The Takeaway

All of the aforementioned mentioned EV features reflect how commute preferences are changing in light of consumption, saving, and environment. In light of the demand for electric vehicles, several competitive brand options like BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan, Tesla, and Porsche in Dubai are present.

In all, electric mobility remains a robust trend that is only growing in influence and people will continue to opt for EVs as part of a more sustainable lifestyle.

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