Whole House Fan

Energy Efficient Whole House Fan for a Greener World

A whole house fan is an energy-efficient product that offers a great return on investment. Some manufacturers say that their whole house fans can cut up to 90% of a typical home’s annual electric bills—a huge claim, but also one that’s backed by evidence. No wonder many consumers are asking: Are whole house fans energy-efficient? Are they truly worth the money? This article will provide the essential information you need to make an informed decision on whether whole-house fans are energy-efficient, indeed. 

How a whole house fan operates

To know how a whole house fan can save energy and money, one must understand how it operates. A whole house fan is designed to bring the temperature of the house down so you will rely less on your air conditioning system during the hot summer season. It does this by pulling warm air from the living spaces into the attic, then through the vents, and out of the house. This creates negative space in the house and causes cooler air to come in through the open windows. 

Cools down the attic

The condition of your attic can impact your entire home. When the sun beats down on the roof, it causes the attic to heat up. What’s worse is that the heat build-up in the attic is transferred and spread out in your living space. If you don’t have air conditioning units running, then you’ll go back to a home that feels like an oven. But if you do have your ACs turned on all day, you will end up with high electricity bills every month, especially in summer. 

Did you know that air conditioning does nothing to reduce the heat in the attic? Your AC units are in a constant battle between your attic all day long. Every time the AC reaches a cool temperature enough to shut off, the heat from the attic will cause them to turn on again. This is the reason why experts recommend adding insulations and attic fans. When you have a whole house fan, you can be sure that your attic is always properly ventilated. It can cool down your attic much faster than a typical attic fan—which means that your entire house can cool down much faster and more consistently, too.

About the Author:

Whole House Fan is an authorized distributor of QuietCool whole house fans, attic fans, and garage exhaust fans, helping people with their cooling needs since 2001. They offer amazing whisper-quiet, safety-tested fans at an affordable price. These high volume fans throw 1250 to 6400 cubic feet of air per minute, effectively pushing out the hot air, pollutants, and germs out and allowing fresh and cold air from outside to come in. The energy efficiency of these fans is off the charts, providing you with ROI in energy savings within two years of purchase.