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Erectile Dysfunction Drug Reviews-Which Drugs Are the Best?

When men turn 30, 70, the inability to erection becomes a common problem. This has cause many sleepless nights for men around the globe. The exact number of men suffering from ED remains unknown. Most of these people would prefer to hide behind the sand and avoid shame. However, there are many solutions to this problem. This article will focus on erectile dysfunction drug reviews so that patients can choose the best drug to restore those cuddles with their partners.


This brand is the most well-known when it comes to ED. Viagra, which is manufacture and market by Pfizer and known as Caverta or Ravatio, is also available. The blue pill is available in the form of a 25-gram, 50-gram, 100-gram and 100-gram versions. Viagra can only be purchase with a prescription. There are some stores that sell the drug without prescription. However, this is not advisable as there are many contraindications to using the drug.

Viagra was not designe to treat erectile dysfunction. Instead, fildena 100 online was create to treat angina pectoris, a common heart condition. Although it didn’t work as expect, researchers discover interesting side effects through testing. It consistently cause erections.


This medicine is also known as Tadalafil. It is use primarily to treat erectile dysfunction. Cialis increases blood flow to the area around the penis, allowing for erection. When sexual activity has end, blood returns to the penis. Erection is complete. This is available only to doctors who have prescribe Viagra.


Vardenafil belongs to a group medicines that are known to delay enzymes call phosphodiesterase’s. These enzymes are found in the penis. This allows the medication to be use to treat erectile dysfunction, also known as sexual impotence. Vardenafil can be use to induce erection, especially when a man is sexually stimulate. The drug can also increase blood flow to the penis, which is a good sign that erection is possible. When sexual activity has end, there will be a decrease of blood flow and erection will cease. It is important to remember that Levitra cannot be use to treat erectile dysfunction.

The erectile dysfunction drug reviews cannot be use to determine which of the drugs is more effective as each person’s results are different. Viagra is still the most well-known. Your doctor is the best person to advise you about erectile dysfunction drug reviews. She is the only one who knows your particular condition.

What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have experience a lot of heartache. Impotence is one of the most common conditions. This is the most troublesome condition for men. It is difficult for men to accept that they are not able to proudly display their sex organ. Impotence is just one aspect of erectile dysfunction. Peronei’s syndrome could also cause dysfunction. This is due to tissue scarring below the penis. When your penis has an erection, it will bend. Instead of standing straight, it is bent. Instead of standing straight, the organ bends in different directions. This disease is common in men who don’t seek medical attention. They don’t think it necessary. They don’t believe it is necessary to treat their condition. Avoiding the problem can only make the situation worse.

Peyronie’s Disease could be cause by trauma that causes tissue scarring. You could also have it as a result genetics. It is likely that you have the disease from your parents. Drug side effects may be one reason for Peyronie’s. Side effects of drugs use to treat heart diseases, such as Beta Blockers can cause blood circulation problems.

Improper blood circulation could also be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Insufficient blood supply to your penis could cause erection problems. Impotence would be the result. This is most common in people over 40. Insufficient blood circulation is the reason. Your blood cholesterol levels are the main cause. This plaque form, which clogs blood vessels. It then causes blood insufficiency in the penis chambers. Remember that muscles and vessels make up your penile area. Erection requires a sufficient blood supply.

There are many treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. The key is to identify the root cause of the problem. This will allow you to develop a plan of action that can be use to treat the problem. A simple traction device could help correct improper erection. Surgery is require for people with nerve dysfunction. People who have poor blood circulation and suffer from impotence. Your doctor may prescribe Vidalista 20 drugs to dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction can be cause by many things. It is important to identify the root cause of your problem. This will allow you to eliminate other causes. This will allow you to effectively treat your condition. Knowing the cause of your condition is important so you don’t have to worry about it. Now you can start the best treatment, such as medication and traction. You need to seek a solution as soon as possible to avoid further complications. You have a better chance of reducing the risk if you can treat it early.

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