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Error “QuickBooks Error PS036”? Here’s What To Do

QuickBooks is an all-purpose business solution for managing accounting, finances, and other business-relevant factors. QuickBooks is segmented for small and medium-scale entrepreneurs. It has best-in-class features- POS along with inventory facility for the retail business-holders, customer invoices, payroll, etc. It flaunts a user-friendly interface. Nonetheless, you might have downtime while working in QuickBooks as a result of software bugs. The “QuickBooks Error PS036” error triggers when the user attempts to update the tax tables to the latest version. This mainly happens due to having multiple payroll subscriptions. Notwithstanding, there are other causes involved besides the error stated above. You will explore more about its causes and remedies to obviate the error in subsequent topics of the blog.

On the contrary, the “QuickBooks Error PS036” error code can be fixed using the appropriate solutions mentioned in the post. However, if there’s a problem troubleshooting, you may call the helpdesk 1-(855)-856-0042 for better tech advice.

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Causes behind the occurrence of “QuickBooks Error PS036”

  1. A QuickBooks file named ‘paysub.ini’ is severely impaired.
  2. The user’s service key is invalid.
  3. The operating system the user is having has incompatibility issues with the current QuickBooks product.
  4. An incorrect Employee Identification Number or EIN might pop up the error code as well.
  5. A user has been entitled to multiple payroll subscriptions.

Solutions to weed out “QuickBooks Error PS036”

Solution-1: Make changes to the filename of ‘paysub.ini’]

The ‘paysub.ini’ file is a hidden file that has to be visible for the user to work on it. Follow the below steps for more from making the file visible to changing its name-

  1. Quit ‘QuickBooks’.
  2. Go to ‘My Computer/This PC’.
  3. Select the ‘Organize’ option.
  4. Choose ‘Folder and Search’.
  5. Navigate to the tabs, choose ‘View’ beside General.
  6. Locate and go to ‘Advanced Settings’ and within the Folder Options window.
  7. Scroll down to choose the radio button ‘Hidden Files and Folders’.
  8. Below it, tick ‘Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drivers’.
  9. Choose ‘Apply’ to apply the changes.
  10. Click on ‘OK’ to make permanent changes and leave the window.
  11. Return to ‘My Computer/This PC’.
  12. Type ‘paysub.ini’ in the search field.
  13. Hit the ‘Enter’ key to begin searching.
  14. In the search results, right-click on ‘paysub.ini’ and choose ‘Rename’ from the drop-down.
  15. Replace the file extension by erasing ‘.ini’ with ‘.old’.
  16. Make name changes for each paysub.ini file.

If the above solution doesn’t work for you, try reinstalling QuickBooks using a clean installation process in Selective Startup mode within Windows.

We have arrived after the blog. We hope that the information provided to you on the topic “QuickBooks Error PS036” proves viable by getting acquainted with the main facts of the error such as the causes and its measures to weed out the error. We believe that all the queries were responded to in the best possible way we could through the blog post. Nonetheless, if you still have a relevant issue, call the toll-free number 1-(855)-856-0042 for a better resolution.

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