How to Write a Perfectly Structured Critical Essay?

The critical essay is an argumentative text and it seeks to establish an opinion or personal idea regarding a topic and offer data or statements that confirm the validity of that idea or opinion.

So, when you write an essay or hire an essay writing service, whatever its nature (academic, scientific, philosophical, literary, or critical), what you want is to offer your own perspective on something of reality and argue about it to convince your readers of the validity of what you say.

Argumentative text in which a favorable or unfavorable opinion about something is presented after analyzing it.

This means that the critical essay is a type of essay in which an opinion is made for or against an object or idea, having as main arguments the characteristics or parts of that object (painting, book, product, piece of music, the object of design, etc.) or that idea (it can be a political, economic, philosophical, literary or scientific idea).

In order to carry out a critical test, it is necessary to follow certain steps.

5 steps for writing your critical essay 

A good critical essay is the result of a mind with the analytical and disciplinary capacity for reflection and ordering of ideas; all this, added to the verbal dexterity to present them in a convincing way.

Any text, of any type, requires prior work, that is, written texts are the result of processes of reflection, research, analysis, and, of course, planning prior to writing.

Following are the steps that need to be followed before writing a critical essay:

  • Let’s start with the obvious. Identify or choose the book, artistic work, product, or idea that your critical essay will be about.
  • Do a detailed observation after careful analysis of the object of your criticism. 
  • Keep a sketch of all the elements you will be focusing your criticism on and develop a thought process for your essay. To do this, make notes about it, ordered according to criteria established by yourself as important with respect to the work or idea.
  • Look for opinions made by professionals regarding your object of criticism. Make sure if your opinion is the same as someone has already given. Then you need to provide the reason for your criticism, if it is different, you can also mention it and argue why.
  • Make a writing plan in which you indicate the order in which the arguments and ideas will appear, according to the general writing model of a critical essay.

The parts of the critical essay

From the last two decades, the basic structure of the essay is still the same. Aristotle in his  Poetics would set it to remain fixed until now. The critical essay is, therefore, no exception.


While writing the initial introductory paragraph you must present the main topic of your critical opinion essay. 

It is important that in it it is clear what work, what text, or what idea is your object of criticism and, in addition, that you state your opinion or position on it very clearly.

On the other hand, an interesting recommendation is that you start the text with an open and controversial question that stands up to the presentation of your topic and opinion. So, that with it you open the discussion with your possible readers at the same time.

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This is the most important part of the critical essay, therefore, it should occupy most of it.

In this part, you must present the arguments (ideas, data, statements) that serve to check the validity of your critical opinion regarding the subject or work you have decided to talk about.

If the essay is short, it is enough that you present the arguments arranged in paragraphs, in which you present the arguments; but if it is extensive, it is recommended that you organize it by sections in which you present the arguments by blocks according to their type, origin or purpose.


This is the last part of your critical essay. As in any essay, it is time to carry out a review or synthesis in which you make sure to show your readers how your arguments have allowed you to verify that your critical opinion is positive or negative, it is valid regarding the subject of the essay.

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