IGCSE Curriculum

Everything you need to know about IGCSE Curriculum

Did you know IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is adopted by 5500 schools in 145 countries?

About IGCSE Curriculum

It is one of the world’s most popular international curricula for students aged 14-16-year-old. It is a 2-year program where students have the freedom to choose their subject of interest (English, Maths, Science, Computer Science, History, Geography, Foreign Languages, Business Studies, Art & Design, Music, Drama etc) and later can do specialisation in it.

The International School of Singapore IGCSE offers several first and second languages so that students are given the opportunity to pursue new languages and understand new cultures. They can follow a variety of routes to suit their learning abilities while obtaining an IGCSE certification.

IGCSE is designed where students gain skills that extend beyond academics which makes them confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged learners. 


It is a 30-year-old curriculum developed by Cambridge University Examinations and is a registered trademark of the University of Cambridge. Top schools from around the world were involved while designing this curriculum so it has both international and a local flavour. The IGCSE curriculum covers various aspects such as application of knowledge, inquiry-based learning, flexibility, communication in English, cultural awareness etc.

Wide Varieties of Subjects

70 subjects, including 30 languages, help the students from different linguistic backgrounds to continue their course in their mother tongue. 


Being developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), IGCSE is the top curriculum of the International School of Singapore widely accepted and recognised by top institutions and employers around the world.

Higher education

It helps students in improving their performance by developing various skills. IGCSE is best for students who want to progress on to A-levels or other international equivalent courses before entering university.

The 5 subject groups of the IGCSE Curriculum

Group 1:-Languages

Group 2:- Humanities and Social Sciences (History, Geography etc)

Group 3:- Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc)

Group 4:- Mathematics

Group 5:- Creative, Technical and Vocational Subjects. (Business Studies, Computer Studies, Accounting, Music etc)

How to choose your IGCSE subjects?

  1. International School of Singapore students has to take a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14 subjects which must include the 3 compulsory subjects of English, Science and Maths and some subjects from other core subjects, like Arts, Humanities, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Sports.
  1. IGCSE subject choices should be chosen wisely. It should be based on your interests, your future education and career plans. 
  1. It should be remembered that top-ranking universities will only consider top grades and the overall performance attained through the IGCSE course and not the number of subjects.
  1. IGCSE Curriculum grades will determine if you will be able to take the SL (Standard Level) or HL (Higher Level) for the IB Diploma so choose wisely.

How are IGCSE marks calculated?

  • IGCSE is graded from A – G. Students are awarded one certificate for each subject where it merely indicates the grades scored, and not pass or fail.
  • International School of Singapore students has to get a minimum C in all the core subjects to move on to the next level. Five scores of ‘C’ or higher grades means the student is ready to pursue +2 level qualifications,
  • U grade means ungraded. 

Tips to do well in IGCSE

  • Make concise notes from the beginning so that you can revise easily and save time
  • Solve as many exam papers of the previous year of the IGCSE Curriculum as possible as it will prepare you for the actual exam.
  • Try to plan out your study from the beginning do not leave it for the last minute
  • Prioritise those subjects which you struggle for and find out your “priority subjects” from the beginning. 
  • Revision should be frequent. 
  • Learn to know the importance of socialising and maintaining your well-being during IGCSE.

How can IGCSE benefit your child?

IGCSE has a practical approach to learning which includes unconventional assessment methods such as oral and listening tests apart from written exams. IGCSE Curriculum is a balanced and flexible course that suits the learning capability of all types of students. The core level is well suited for average students while the extended curriculum is best for students who want to do specialisation.

Each child is unique and talented in different fields and hence should get a platform to bloom in their area of interest which is only possible through the IGCSE curriculum from an International School of Singapore. It is a gateway to a successful career. 

  • It unveils the hidden talent of learners
  • It develops various skills like analytical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills, inquiry-based learning, creativity. 
  • The students learn to explore, brainstorm, discuss and share ideas. 
  • Students are continuously assessed which provides qualitative feedback and focuses on learners progress and not just on the scores. 
  • Students become a part of the global learning network 

Admission Process International School of Singapore

  • Online/Offline Meeting with admission counsellors.
  • Followed by counselling and an assessment 
  • Submission of application form along with the documents. 
  • Pay first term fees to book your child’s seat.

Fees Structure of IGCSE Curriculum for the year 2021-2022

Note:-  Fees includes (7% GST applicable)

Registration Fee:- $ 2945.71 (One Time at admission time)

Tuition Fee:- $5464.49 (Per Term)

Activity Fee:- $909.50 (Per Term)

Building Development Fee:- $1872.50 (Per Term)

Student welfare Fee:- $ 133.75 (Per Term)

School Event Fee:- $ 133.75 (Per Term)

Resource Fee:- $ 428.00 (Per Term)

Technology Fee:-$ 428.00 (Per Term)

Total fees payable:- $ 9369.99


Every parent wants their children to have solid educational foundations which can be achieved with IGCSEs content-rich programme designed to prepare students for higher education.

Selecting the right curriculum and right school like the Global Indian International School of Singapore will have a positive impact on your child and they can match the ever-growing fast-paced world. Being accepted as formal certification in almost all countries, it is the passport for your child to get access to the top universities.