Everything You Need To Know About Kareo Billing Software

Everything You Need To Know About Kareo Billing Software


We all know how hectic and complex billing can be, which is why Kareo has brought for you the most amazing Billing software. Kareo billing software  is equipped with all the right tools so that you don’t face any problem in this area. Before we get into the features, let’s talk about what are the basic and main advantages of having billing software. First of all, the entire process is paperless which is a huge problem fixed. Secondly, You get paid faster and without any trouble, and thirdly, it’s quick and the updates are very easy. Let’s see what Kareo Billing Software has to offer to its users. Let’s get into its features

Kareo Billing Software Features

Insurance Enrollment, Claims submission and Management, Payment Posting, Patient statement, Kareo Patient collect, Kareo Analytics, Platform dashboard, appointment scheduling are some of Kareo Billing Software features among which the most famous ones are Claims submission and management, Billing Dashboards, patient collect, and Kareo analytics. 

  1. Billing Dashboards
  2. Claims Submission and Management
  3. Kareo Analytics

Billing Dashboard

Kareo Billing software is intuitive and powerful. It is designed specially to cater to the needs of billers. Kareo Dashboards are designed with a lot of attention and focus to as much time as possible. Kareo Dashboards are created to deliver you all the valuable insights. If you need to access your store documents or your track payments or scheduled appointments, you will find everything within the dashboards. This feature is very important in saving your time and improving your clinical efficiency. It helps you streamline your workflow so you can work and focus on whatever you need to without worrying about any such thing. 

You have the option to view key items such as payment velocity, A/R aging or income analysis chart. The to-do list is automatically generated by Kareo Billing and provides a visual tracking system as you complete each task. Dashboard also has key performance indicators that help monitor the metrics needed to check the financial impacts on your work. Not only does this improve your productivity but you save more time than you can imagine. You get shortcuts of each and everything, that helps streamline your workflow and make it efficient. 

Claims Submission and Management

I have seen many people struggle when it comes to Submitting claims or claims management because it can be very complex and also private. Kareo realizes this issue and has brought for you an electronic solution for this purpose entirely. Kareo electronic claim submissions change that by eliminating the manual labor of paper-based claims processing and helping you get paid faster.Once this process is completed, claims submissions can be done electronically and with privacy. You also get a digital trail to see your status. Kareo billing software and claims management is a great combination to avoid costly delays. 

Kareo Analytics

In any medical practices, the need to have good analytics tools is very important. We all know that analytics can be extremely complex and can burden the admin. Kareo Billing software has the most well designed analytic tools for your medical practices so you don’t feel burdened. When these tasks are performed and managed by the team manually, there can be a lot of delays in the tasks and errors as well because it is hectic and can frustrate the team. Kareo helps you quickly identify unrealized revenue opportunities across multiple practices and providers. Then, prioritize your team’s activity based on the greatest revenue impact. 

With the help of Kareo Analytic tools, your workflow is streamlined. Your financial efficiency is also improved and the tasks are done on time without any errors. All the data is saved in one place and can be accessed any time. Administrative load is reduced and focus can be shifted on more important tasks and healthcare. Kareo Billing software is sort of an all in one solution for many of your problems and we would recommend you to try it out. Let’s move on to Kareo pricing

Pricing plans

There are two plans that Kareo is offering. One is the physician plan and the other one is the non physician plan.  

Physician Plan

You receive award winning billing solution as well as practice management software to help you make your workflow smooth with their amazing feature. The pricing of this plan is not published but you can visit Software Finder to find out. 

Non Physician Plan

As an NPP, in this plan, you get full access with a discount of 50 percent off the normal subscription fee. The pricing for this plan is not published but visit our website to find that out. 


That is all the important information you need to know about Kareo medical Billing Software, to find out more please visit our website.