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The most essential and phase of your life is when you get married. Wedding day is the most special day of every man and woman’s life. And off Couse, no one wants to spoil this day. And when it comes to a wedding day, booking the wedding catering services, event planners and the banquet hall is the most crucial part. If you are a citizen of Lahore, then you will face challenges while choosing all these services. 

Planning for Wedding 

It’s not an easy task. There is a variety of everything you are going to select or choose. 

So, here I am going to tell you about my journey while finding the best wedding caterer, event planner, and other services. Once upon a time, it was my brother’s wedding. And you know the feelings sisters have for their brothers. I was super excited and nervous, too for the wedding preparation. 

 We all were swamped in wedding preparation. As everybody knows you can’t sit idle in those days. 

 Some were busy in the selection of their dresses, and some were planning for the wedding activities such as Dholki night, Mayoon, mehndi, qawwali night, etc. 

 But I am from those persons who always take part in other household activities such as the selection of banquets hall or marquees, catering services, event planners, event management, etc. 

So, I asked dad what can I do for the wedding, and he also knows that I have very interested in all these events related services. 

He said, okay, you can join us while choosing all these wedding services. I was so excited and happy. And the next day we started visiting the different wedding halls, marquees, and caterers, etc. But all went in vain. As you know, Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan and it’s not easy to find the best banquet hall/marquees, event planners, and caterers. 

We came back, and my brother told all his story to his best friend and also asked him for a favor.

The next morning his friend came to our home and told us about the website Pakcheers.com and the experience. He has also guided us on how to use this website. 

And before that, we don’t have any idea of this website. So, we were taking it easy, but after using some features, we realized that it is exciting. 

Events Services 

Pakcheers.com providing the information for the wedding/ events services, such as: 

 Banquet Halls/Marquees




 Event Planners


 Fashion Brands

 Sweets & Bakers

So, after using the website and finding the best results, we decided to select the services we are going to avail of. 

To ease the confusion and the load of work, I decided to take responsibility for the selection of the wedding caterers. So, I decided to choose the caterer who has the best profile and reviews. 

After watching the results, I selected Nadeem Caterers & Event Management to avail both catering and event management services. 

Nadeem Caterers & Event Management

So, I contacted the Nadeem caterers & Event management for the services they are offering. They told me about their services and the quality of their food and the rules they are following. And then we decided to meet for further details. 

And after getting the complete information, my family and I decided to give them the order to organize our event and prove the best wedding catering servicesThey are very professional in dealing. I must say Nadeem Caterers & Event Management is a leading organization; they are providing the services according to your requirements within your budget. They are also providing services for both indoor and outdoor venues. I want to recommend the Nadeem Caterers & Event Management for any event services.  

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