Exterior Paint combinations

Exterior Paint Combinations for Your Home

Building your home is a big job. A crucial step towards the maintenance of the home is to choose the premium quality paint that gives the best protection, a new look and feel to your abode. Outer appearance carries a huge significance for your house. In this article, you will learn about some external paint combinations that you should consider while you choose to paint your new home or renovate to give it a new gig.

Before choosing a combination, you need to look at the location of your home. If your home is in the marketplace then choosing bright and attractive colors can make a big difference. If you live in a community, a less vibrant or peaceful is the best option for you. Merging options also vary depending on your purpose and idea of colors or themes.

What colours of exterior paint will be the most relevant in 2021?

57% of the respondents agree that cool and neutral toned colors are the latest trend. Having neutral colors on the exterior makes people connect with you better than before. It highlights your natural self and makes it look elegant. Whereas jewel tones give a feeling of richness and vibrance. It attracts people and makes them fall in love with the brand new jewelled exterior.

Most experts agree cool neutrals such as white, gray, and taupe will be the most popular. Cool shades work well almost everywhere and they form a blank slate in almost any interior design. Most of the colors in the top list that are widely used are the cooler shades with the highest level of whites, grays, and some neutral hues.

What colours are best recommended for selling a house?

Fifty-two percent of Experts sat that white is the best option; 52% said gray.

Realtors have been recommending that homeowners paint their Homes white over the past few years, while charcoal is often listed as a highlighting color that could increase value, meaning both of these recommendations follow current trends.

Before committing to exterior paint color, it is important to look at home make-up, according to 77% of those who voted. Color plays a major role in architecture, which means that the right color for one home may not work for another. It can also explain why classics, such as white, are popular and work in many home styles.

But Why Worry Much, It’s Just Paint!

A significant emphasis is put on the hues when it comes to choosing them for the interiors but it is equally important to give attention to the colors for exterior house painting. It should be the ones you like to come home to every day. That being said, if you are planning to put your house on the market in the near future.

Different colors tend to distract potential buyers so it’s a better option to go with warm colors. Check out these colors that will give a perfect makeover to the exteriors of your home:

Off white, Burgundy and Cream

Off white, burgundy and cream give a dramatic yet soothing appearance to the home. These colors come together to create a subtle look.  A light shade of burgundy adorns the house with the same effect as a traditional home and the warm color gives it a distinction.

Using off-white with burgundy and cream gives a soothing effect and makes it a perfect choice if your house is located far from the city.

Yellow and Charcoal

Yellow is a happy color. The combination allows them to be creative and provide an elegant look by complementing each other. But in order to attract a large number of potential buyers, one must stay in the light shade, not going too deep with yellow.

A great way to make a statement of bright color in modern homes is to start with a strong neutral shade and apply bright colors to the front door trims and windows. A combination of yellow and charcoal never goes off fashion.

Brown and Sand

Whether your home is on the coast or near the woods, colour combinations of brown and sand can enhance the building’s appearance and connect it more to nature. It is always recommended to paint your home with two or more shades of brown along with sand colour to get major features highlighted.

This has a vintage effect and makes the home appear grand making it the optimum choice for smaller homes. It is one of the best choices to paint the exteriors.

Gray and Putty

Gray and putty give a massive effect of victorian style homes. This combination is never going off fashion. Its craze may vary with time but it never fails to attract people due to its simplicity and sense of elegance.

Using putty is a basic and affordable choice but using it with gray transforms the house. Since this is the only adored color that exists perfectly between white and black, it gives a great feel if your exterior walls are textured.

Taupe and White

This variant of gray contains a tinge of brown which gives the house a feel of the antique cottage. If you love the feel of an old home this can be your best pick. Taupe and white always give a balanced appearance that gives a lot of appeal.  

Big homes or mansions are usually painted a shade darker to make them appear grand and elegant for which the combination of taupe and white is a royal choice.

Red and Tan

The color you paint on the outside of your home can lift or diminish people’s perception of your house. The soft neutrality of the red and tan allows it to shine and is still in harmony with the other homes around.

Starting with a lighter shade of tan sets the reception palette, while red gives an exclusive feel to traditional buildings. This combination is an affordable way to create an extraordinary look. The exterior is simple, traditional, and popular!


Renovating your home to increase its curb appeal or making it more luxurious, a good exterior painting is always the preferred solution. It is evident that homeowners decide to paint a personal choice is to look at external factors, such as increasing the price of a house or preparing it for resale.

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