Eye shapes and eyelash extensions–what works best for you?

Just like dressing according to your body type, styling your eye according to its shape brings out the best feature and enhances your face look. We always try out different eyeshadow techniques as per our eye shape, and it either makes or breaks your look. Same with the eyelash extension style, no two sets are the same. Everyone has different natural eye shapes and different needs; one style flattering to one might not be as flattering to another.

The possibilities of the stylish lash extension are endless. Firstly you need to find an eye shape and know what’s best for you. Also, lash artists can assist you with your eye feature and suggest you the best style, but it’s good to educate yourself about your own eye shape and know about eyelash care. Remember, you will love only the style if you love your own shape.

Do you have a crease?

If your answer is no, your eye shape is monolid. If your answer is yes, then read on the next question.

So, you have a crease. Can you see your crease while facing the mirror straight on?

If you can’t, then your eyes are in a hooded shape.

Assume if a line is drawn in the middle of your eyes, are the corners above or below?

If the corners fall above this line, you have upturned eyes, and if the corners fall below this line, you have downturned eyes.

Look straight into a mirror. Do you see any white around the top or bottom of your iris?

If yes, you have a round eye shape, and if your answer is no, you have an almond eye shape.

With these easy questions, you can easily find out your eye shape. Simple, right! Now you are all updated with an eye shape, so you can easily tell which extension style works best for your eye shape to have a gorgeous look. Wisp lashes will have experts that are trained in all this style and give the best assistance to you about the extension style and lash extension care that works for you. 

Eyelash extension style that suits particular eye shape :

Doll eye style

Doll eye style works best if you want to make your appearance big. This style involves placing short lashes at the inner and outer corner of the area, and it focuses on the middle with long lashes. This style works really well with a monolid, hooded, and almond eye shape as it gives a flattering look and makes your face appear fresh. This style gives significance to your eyes and brightens up the face.

Cat-eye style

The cat-eye style gives you a glamorous, trendy eye look. The application works gradually with a shorter lash to lengthen the lash up to the outer corner. It creates a winged eyeliner, long cat-eye look, and this style works best with round eyes and close-set eyes. It balances out the eye shape as it creates a smoky look that highlights their eyes. 

Natural eye style

It is the simplest style and suits any eye shape as it gives a natural appearance without overdoing it. This style follows the length of your natural lashes and gives you a fuller look. If you are looking for an everyday look and want to rest from doing eye makeup, then this style is for you. However, it can make you stand different from the crowd, but if you are looking for a statement look, this style is not for you as it does not alter your face.

Staggered eye style

Staggered style is a fast-growing popular shape as it gives texture to your eyes and gives you a messy look. The application of lash is uneven with short and long lashes. If you want to create a volume of your lash and want some dense appearance, this style suits any eye shape to achieve such a dramatic look. If you have a particular eye shape and want more of a staggered look, wisp lashes are always ready for the experiment to give you the best. However, it is not advisable for those who have sparse and fine lashes as it will create a chaotic look to the eye.

Wrapping it up:

All have different eye shapes, and that’s what working on extension style makes it interesting. With this guide, you can truly determine your eye shape and get the best extension style suited for your eye shape. Visit eyelash extension at Knoxvillefor more lash extensions advice about your eye shape and style as we have lash experts trained for years to give you the best style. 

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