This movement direct by Kyle Browning from Survival Footprint traces all you require to think about the best sea shores in Zanzibar, Tanzania. 

Zanzibar lies roughly 25โ€“50 kilometers (16โ€“31 miles) off the bank of terrain Tanzania. The Zanzibar archipelago comprises of numerous little islands including two major ones, Pemba Island and Unguja. The last being alluded to casually as Zanzibar. 


In the event that you are into kitesurfing, at that point look no further in light of the fact that this is the best sea shore of Zanzibar for you! 

Paje sea shore is situated on the Southeast coast directly in the center Bwejuu and Jambiani town. 

The tidal pond is very famous for novice kitesurfers as the reef shields the tidal pond from waves. telefono de copa airlines en usa As though level water wasn’t sufficient Paje has a reliable side-coastal breeze blowing all year.ย 

Likewise, clear, warm waters home to a great many beautiful starfish, turtles, trumpet fish and moray eels make Paje sea shore extraordinary compared to other scuba plunging locations in Zanzibar. 

At this moment, Paje sea shore is still charmingly serene and calm. Numerous vacationers incline toward the busier (who can say for sure why), more grew north sea shores of Zanzibar. 


Nungwi sea shore is an untouched top pick among bold hikers and flower children. It even made TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Beaches in the World in  

Throughout the long term the air has changed from a tranquil fragile fishing town into an enthusiastic shoreline fixed with lodgings, bars, inns, and jump focuses. 

The sea shore stays a middle point for Zanzibar shipbuilding, where capable shipwrights utilize age-old techniques past down from ages to transform raggedy old lumber into ocean commendable dhows. 

Town visits can likewise be organized those keen on finding the social side of Nungwi town and how the specialty of dhow building convention has persevered throughout the long term. 


Perhaps the best sea shores in Zanzibar for me, would be a less jam-packed one. Jambiani is a sea shore with miles and miles of fine white sand. It would take LOTS of vacationers to swarm out this cut of heaven. 

There are no pools, no gambling clubs, no disco, no bars and in all honesty, no power โ€“ aside from the odd guesthouse to a great extent. Does this sound appealing to you? At that point welcome to Jambiani sea shore. 

Jambiani is home to curious fishing towns. Fishing here isn’t for business acquire, but instead to help the nearby local area. All things considered, because of the idea of the reef, which lies about a mile out, wave choppiness makes bunches of ocean growth wash up onto the sea shore at low tide. 

Here you will see local people collecting ocean growth which they at that point dry and offer to exporters (make a point to get your best knapsack to join on the gather). The greater part of the kelp is traded to Japan where it is utilized as a dietary item 


Kiwengwa sea shore is likewise alluded to as Little Italy in light of the fact that numerous Italian lodgings line the beachfront. 

The tide affects this sea shore. During low tide Kiwengwa sea shore is the awesome long strolls. frontier airlines telefono The delicate white sand โ€“ feels like bath powder. You can stroll for a significant distance and miles and be totally consumed into your own reality. 

Do remember that ocean imps will in general waste of time here, so look out when strolling without any shoes. In the event that you are into swimming, take a boat out to the reef, you will discover wonderful ocean stars there. 


On the off chance that you are hoping to kick back and unwind, at that point I’d need to say that Matemwe is perhaps the best sea shores in Zanzibar. 

On the off chance that you are searching for heaps of amusement and exercises, at that point maybe another sea shore would be better for you. Matemwe is the best sea shore to unwind with a book in one hand and a beverage in the other. 

A fast heads up to all the water aficionados: contingent upon the season, it tends to be somewhat hard to swim at this sea shore. Low tide influences this sea shore somewhat more than the remainder of the island. 

At the point when the tide is so out of sight, torrent of kelp and ocean imps remain among you and the sea, this can be a significant mission to stroll through. I’d suggest flying on certain shoes and driving through, however make a point not to annihilate the environment while you are grinding away 


Pingwe sea shore is an unbelievably lovely little piece of heaven arranged a long way from the fundamental traveler areas of interest. The absence of conveniences implies most holidaymakers favor different sea shores. So once more, on the off chance that you incline toward calm quiet sea shores, at that point Pingwe sea shore is best for you. 

On the off chance that you are enthused about abit more activity, Pingwe sea shore is additionally ideal for kitesurfing and swimming. 

One spot worth an uncommon notice is The Rock eatery, for its interesting setting if nothing else. 

Worked on a little coral outcrop about 30m seaward, they serve new fish at noon consistently. Contingent upon the tide, you may need to get a boat back or swim?

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