What can you do to reduce the amount of marks you assign? After your students have had the the chance to develop and refine the skills of writing essays, time to grade your students! Check out these tips for writing essays for teachers.


(Again!) By using the extensions of your browser (Chrome, FireFox, etc.) The program can help you spot plagiarism and grammar errors faster than you would normally. I believe it’s essential for students to learn the skills needed to edit their own writing. And instead of making use of the software to look over themselves, they could ask them to email you an essay. And then you can utilize Grammarly to help identify any errors that you might have missed initially. Save the essay and then open it up in the Grammarly program once you’ve downloaded it onto your computer. The essay will be formatted slightly differently when you open it (such for example, the titles not being properly centered in the example above). However, any errors will be highlighted clearly on the right hand side along with the suggestions to edit.


Allowing and encouraging peer editing results in less time focused on writing errors and more time to concentrate on expanding their thinking. This time can be put to more time for constructive feedback and good comments on their writing. To make this work more interesting, I made an FREE Peer Editing Scavenger Hunt activity.


Give your students an agenda that needs to be included with their final piece of writing. This will allow you to make sure that your the students don’t miss any information or material. This will spare you time by not having to go through an essay two times and will also save your student time. And effort from having to rewrite sections of their essay due to unintentional errors. This is one of the best essay writing tips. Download this paper for free.


Offering students a range of topics will help alleviate some of the frustration of having to read the same essay subjects repeatedly. If it’s a personal essay or a persuasive or literary essay A variety of topics can be a great approach to engage a wide range of subjects.


Utilize a rubric for writing to ensure better and more effective grade. It is a great place to start for you to design your own rubric, or better than that, look for other rubrics created by teachers already available on the site.


When my students are educated how important language can be we can move on to the necessity of using their language to express their thoughts fully. I begin this process by using one of my favorite activities that is always a huge hit for my students: brainstorming using candy.

Then, we go over the rules of brainstorming , then I divide students into groups and ask them to select the recorder. Then, I give the sour keys to each student, and tell students not to play with it (I place a napkin on the desk of one student and put the candy upon it). After that, I inform students that the activity is divided into three parts and that they need to be attentive to my instructions.
To make the task more sweet in a way, I inform the students the one team will receive all the candy.

Then, they think about what the candy will look like. I challenge students to become as detailed as they can. After about 90 seconds, I inform them that they are able to pick up the key to feel the key. They come up with terms and phrases to describe how it feels inside their hands. They then finally, they’re able to put it in their mouths. In this stage, I instruct students to write down not only the taste however, how it feels inside their mouths.


I thoroughly enjoyed writing this article. And getting to know more about ways you can ease the lives of teachers and students more easy when it comes to writing and grading essays. I hope these essay writing tips are helpful for you and your students!