Five best replacement alternatives for Mangastream

All Japan Magazine and Book Publishers and Editor Association market worth 3.6 billion dollars during 2018 is comparable to the US superhero comics market in terms of dollar value, especially well-known publications like DC and Marvel.

Below are the five Mangastream replacement that you can visit to continue reading your favorite Manga comics.

1. MangaDex

MangaDex serves both the Manga community with standalone Manga readers. Although you cannot download files from this website, you can read them online like Scribd. Several admins, moderators, and developers who closely monitor user’s activity on the website feature an active forum where you can discuss translation and substitute ending with others.

MangaDex is free to use since the server and software need to keep. It requests donations through Bitcoin, of course; it relatively small price that fans gladly pay up to keep the service up and running.

MangaDex also supports scanlation in various prominent languages like French, German, and Spanish. As Manga fans know, fanfiction plays an essential role in the storytelling of Manga comics. MangaDex allows you to end to stories and share them with other users on the website.

2. Kiss Manga

Kissmanga is another distributor of Manga comics. It features a simplistic and user-friendly layout to use with no hidden charge. Even if you have a slower internet should not have any significant issues loading this website. There are three sections in the menu – Home, Manga List, and Contact Us. You will find the up-to-date chapters and updates presently running Manga stories and most popular Manga in the Home section’s right sidebar.

You will get much deeper access to the Manga List section, in which you can use many filters like the number of views, rating, and alphabetical order. Every story on this site has features consisting of a handful of lines, along with the discussion board powered by Disqus. If you like Manga, you will also give related suggestions in a strip.

3. Mangatown

Manga town is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Mangastream, featuring diverse and extensive collections of high-quality Manga comics.

You are speaking of stories in the Complete Series of the vintage comics dating back to 1999 over here specially treated massive collection for hardcore fans looking for an authentic experience of true Manga subculture. The highest-rated title at the Mangatown is Shokugeki no Soma, feature rating of 4.75/5, and more than a million views of this site do not mandate you to register. All you need is to point your browser at the URL and begin to read. It is a highly recommended option for Manga fans.

4. MangaFox


MangaFox is another platform that hosts a vast collection of Manga comics for reading pleasure. It has a visual appealing to the user interface. It does not take plenty of bandwidth readers simple enough to configure as well, closely resembling the navigation tab.

5. Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn is an exciting website. The About page claims that it is a legal platform, hosts no scanlations, and the only feature of Japan and official English translation. When you open the Home page, it asks whether you are from the US or Japan and then allows you to continue. However, the site does not check your IP address to ensure that you are really from either the US or Japan. Therefore as of now, you can freely browse Manga Reborn from any location without using a VPN.

Therefore to keep running, Manga Reborn does ask for donations that are forward to the original creators. It expresses that it aims to promote the Manga culture around the globe legally. You can think of it as a kind of SoundCloud for Manga (music lovers will better understand what I’m trying to convey).

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