Flower Plants Delivered to your doorstep from Outside.com

Outside.com is owned by a family whose wholesale nursery has been delivering plants for over 70 years, we don’t think that’s the most important thing about our company.In fact, what really sets us apart is the way we care for our plants and our customers.When we deliver a plant from our nursery to your home, we do it with a sense of responsibility that your new “companion” arrives safely and has the kind of health that will carry it through many seasons.We love our customers, and thrive on customer satisfaction while introducing new, innovative products. 

Container gardening also adds versatility to gardens large and small. Plants lend instant color, provide a focal point in the garden, or tie in the architecture of the house to the garden. Place them on the ground or on a pedestal, mount them on a windowsill, or hang them from your porch. A pair of matching containers on either side of the front walk serves as a welcoming decoration, while container gardening on a deck or patio can add color and ambiance to such outdoor sitting areas.

You can use single, large containers for outdoor decoration, but also consider arranging groups of pots, both small and large, on stairways, terraces, or anywhere in the garden. Clusters of pots can contain a collection of favorite plants — hen-and-chicks or herbs used both for ornament and for cooking, for example — or they may feature annuals, dwarf evergreens, perennials, or any other plants you’d like to try. Houseplants summering outdoors in the shade also make a handsome addition to container gardening. Window boxes and hanging baskets offer even more ways to add instant color and appeal.

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