How Much It Will Cost to Develop an App like Food panda In India

If you trying to make an online food ordering and delivery app like uber or food panda, then you’re looking at a minimum of 6 months of development. From some personal experience in working with software development companies, I’d say that a good deal for a from-the-scratch build would be around $15000 on average.

If you ask me, the best idea would be to use and ubereats clone script. These clone scripts have all the features you need for the platform already built-in, and all you have to do is customize the script according to your requirements. When I say you need to customize it, what I mean is that you can tell your requirements to the company you hire and they will do it for you.

This way, you can get a fully working uber eats like app without spending a ton of money and a lot of time. The time might vary depending on the kind of customization you need but from a money point of view, you’ll be able to save up on a lot.

Also, it would be a great idea to make sure that the company you hire helps you out with getting the apps on the app stores for both Android and iOS. Hope this helps.

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