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Get high uptime with Serverwala Cyprus VPS 

Serverwala Cyprus VPS 


Hosting a website on the right and suitable server intensifies its performance and delivers a satisfying experience to its visitors. Most website owners initially opt for the shared server as it provides the cheapest hosting solutions and fulfills the needs of websites at the initial stages of growth. After virtualization technology came into use, VPS hosting became a popular choice among users. 

For those website owners who outgrow their shared hosting plan but do not wish or need to switch to the dedicated server, VPS hosting serves as the most ideal choice. Being a middle ground of shared and dedicated servers, the virtual private server renders the privileges of enhanced performance, intensified security, and more resources at an affordable rate. In this article, you will acquire insights into the ways in which Serverwala Cyprus VPS can highly    benefit your website and enable the highest uptime network for it. Let us begin with understanding in brief about the functioning of virtual private server hosting. 

What is Cyprus VPS hosting?

Cyprus VPS hosting is powered through hypervisor technology. When a physical server is segmented through hypervisor software, multiple virtual private servers are developed. Each VPS then functions independently with the assigned server resources. Also, unlike shared server hosting, the resources are divided but not shared among various virtual private servers.

Therefore, with the Cyprus VPS server, you acquire a private and isolated environment to host your website securely and freely. Also, it enables you to have an unique IP address for your website. Moreover, you can get options of both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting to choose from with many web hosting companies. 

The advantages you will get from Cyprus VPS hosting

With the VPS hosting Cyprus, you can obtain a number of benefits that can help you grow your website with utmost ease. Here are mentioned some of the significant ones –


The Cyprus VPS provides dedicated and independent server resources to host your website. No other user sharing a physical server with you can take away or utilize the assigned resources to your VPS. This enables your website to give optimal performance with increasing traffic or growth. With a virtual private server, you obtain enhanced capacity and power that further helps your website load quickly for your end-users. High-speed websites acquire more possibilities to attract and retain their visitors. Whereas slow-speed websites, even after providing high-quality content, product, or services, tend to lead users towards their competitors. 


The other reason why VPS hosting is extremely famous is that it is highly cost-effective. When you consider the fact that with VPS you get most of the privileges and benefits coming with dedicated server hosting, you will know VPS hosting is actually quite feasible. The reduction of cost in the virtual private server hosting service is generally due to numerous users sharing the same physical platform for hosting their websites. However, you do not encounter any restrictions while running your website as you may in shared server hosting. Therefore, the Cyprus VPS server provides excellent value for money. 


You also attain high reliability with the virtual private server hosting as your website’s hosting environment remains isolated from other users. So, no other user gets the possibility to intervene in the functionality of your VPS and website. Further, you get high scalability in order to fulfill the requirements of your website as per its development and advancement. Your VPS hosting provider will let you scale up your hosting resources and services as and when needed so that your website continues to deliver efficient performance. The scalability also lets your website face minimum downtime. 

How Serverwala Cyprus VPS has the best features?

About Serverwala

Serverwala is one of the industry-leading and renowned web hosting companies. The company renders the best and cheapest Cyprus VPS hosting. While offering the most affordable prices for the virtual private hosting plans, the company does not tend to compromise with providing high-grade and intense facilities. You will acquire top-tier equipment and excellent customer support through the company’s data centers. Moreover, Serverwala ensures highly compatible and super-fast network connectivity as well as continuous server monitoring services based on modern and productive technologies. Therefore, it will be no surprise for you to know that it stands among all the leading data centers globally for rendering maximum network efficiency.

Features of Serverwala’s Cyprus VPS server

24/7 Technical Assistance

The Serverwala data centers are very active when it comes to rendering technical assistance. They offer round-the-clock support to their customers through certified and experienced professionals. They remain available on different communication mediums, including Live Chat, Email, Skype, etc. You will be able to obtain prompt and instant expertise as and when needed.

Full Root Access 

The company will let you have complete root control of your Cyprus VPS. This will enable you to operate and run your virtual private server the way you require. You will have the privilege to install any operating system that you think is most compatible with your website. You will also be able to run any applications, programs, or software without any restrictions. This also means that you get the right to configure as well as customize your server the way you desire for your website. 

99.99% Uptime Network Guarantee

With the Serverwala VPS Hosting Cyprus, your website will have the ultimate band of the network along with secure connections. This will let your end users acquire a twenty times faster website connectivity experience. The company further gives the assurance of the highest connectivity of 1 GBPS and permits up to 100 TB data transfer rate monthly. So, with such high-tech network flexibility, it will not be difficult for your website to attain maximum uptime and no downtime. 

Simple Licencing

The Serverwala web hosting company is also at the forefront in providing the simple licensing feature. With the cheapest Cyprus VPS, you will also be able to have the licensing for your website at a significantly low cost. Further, the company will enable you to purchase a license with just a click.


Serverwala’s web hosting offers a varied range of Cyprus VPS hosting plans and packages. So, you get the possibility to opt for the most ideal hosting plan for your website. The company further allows its clients to upgrade their plans whenever needed in no time. Each plan comes with great flexibility. Your website will also attain advanced data security features from DDoS protection, data encryption to SSL security. The company makes sure that your system is capable of detecting every incoming spiteful peril and implementing the required security measures. Thus, you will get complete data security assurance.

Linux Plan

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Windows Plan

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Along with the highest uptime network, Cyprus VPS comes along with many benefits to perfectly support your website’s growth over the internet. While getting security, speed, and reliability with VPS hosting, your website also acquires the opportunity to obtain the highest possible ranking on the search engines. Further, you can smoothly and effectively host more than one website on your VPS, if needed by your web business. Moreover, if your mind is clouded with any doubts or queries, reach out to the company’s 24/7 customer service and get insightful details on the best Cyprus VPS server hosting. 

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