Get the Lighter and Smarter Samsung Smart TV

Samsung smart TVs are some of the best-sellers in the market these days—and it’s easy to see why. They offer great value and lots of high-tech features.So, if you have been looking for a modern replacement to your old entertainment system, you should definitely give this brand a try. But what is a smart TV anyway and what benefits will you get from this upgrade?

It is probably the biggest benefit that Samsung smart TVs offer, something that their predecessors lack. A smart TV makes it easier to stream online content from various sources and channels such as YouTube and Netflix via the internet. Simply connect it to your WIFI and you can start viewing and managing online and network-based media content as you wish.

Smart TVs also come preloaded with applications, allowing you to watch content from streaming networks, check social media, and even play games.That’s how these modern TVs let you enjoy better entertainment at home.

Different brands and manufacturers have their own tricks and use different technologies to make their smart TVs distinct from others. As for Samsung, they promise to bring lighter and smarter TVs to the market with the amazing features discussed below.

Voice recognition tools
Wish you can ‘command’ your TV to switch channels without having to pick up the remote? Samsung’s latest smart TVs are now Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Supported. Just tell your TV if you want it to adjust the volume, search content, or even view feeds from your doorbell camera from your couch or bed (or wherever you are in the house).

Curved screen
Many of today’s Samsung smart TVs already have curved screens, and you can expect more of them in the coming months. ATV with a curved screen makes watching shows or streaming games more immersive. It improves the viewing experience by filling your field of view. It actually feels like you are watching in 3D!

8K resolution
The latest Samsung smart TVs are also four times clearer than older models. If you think 4K resolution is already the best, then wait until you get hold of Samsung’s QLED8K TV. It will be beyond anything you have ever seen before. With a pixel grid at 7,680 wide by 4,320 high, this TV indeed delivers the most exceptional picture quality.

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