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Getting More Conscious About the Unconscious Bias

FELIZ is changing the face of unconscious bias training in Hong Kong corporate world. Training about unconscious bias is becoming an essential part of the training curriculum. It can help you make your workplace much healthier and also inclusive of diversity. Workforce diversity is an important attribute of the modern workforce and can’t be neglected. Unconscious bias training leads to participation, improved teamwork, better decision-making and ultimately to a more productive work culture.

What is Unconscious Bias?

Unconscious biases are the prejudices against some and favor for others on the basis of their color, nativity etc. held unconsciously. Bias we have for others without awareness and unknowingly. These are not limited to the race and color but can be towards the gender, ethnicity etc.

These biases come naturally to us and our capability of fair judgment gets clouded by such unconscious bias.  We make quick decisions and judgements of others based on our experiences, cultural values, environment and etc. When we talk about this, we usually think that it’s something very wrong, which is not the case. Unconscious bias is a result of years of societal experiences we have, a pattern of things we have seen over the years. We think that this is what “others” do but, unknowingly we are also prey of the same.

We need to closely watch with prudent observation how we behave, do we make judgements on certain pre-notions? What are our choices for team mates, opinions which maybe potential bias, decision making etc., we come to this realization that there is a lot to be done?

Why Unconscious Bias Training? (also highlight the importance)

Humans are subject to bias; we are bound to have some and need to watch it closely. Our unconscious decisions are guided by our unaware perceptions that come naturally to us, over the years of repetitive patterns. An overhauling by revisiting our bias, our learnings we have from societies and generations over the years needs to be done.

FELIZ has been known to provide the formal training for unconscious bias. The training is based on surveys done by professionals, knowledge derived from academic research to provide the effective lesson on dealing with such bias in the workplace.

Such training for biases leads participants into self-examination of the biases they are holding and the behaviors that can ensue from such prejudices. Such microaggressions can lead to adverse employment decisions.

After a revisit to their bias, participants are sent back to workplaces with advice on what not to do. Hence, a participative model that has intended consequences, such as people avoid making quick judgements with certain colleagues and making effective and wiser decisions.

What is the Importance of Unconscious Bias Training?

Biases can then lead to: – Racism, prejudices toward a selective group, favoritism, discrimination against individuals which seriously affect the team dynamics. Blind spots and unfair treatments and biased decisions can be avoided with proper training to combat unconscious biases. Imagine a workplace like this.

This can limit the growth of an organization, affect the work culture. So, for an inclusive work environment, efficient working, and healthy dynamics, biases need to be detected and kept in check with proper training.

How to make employees more conscious about Unconscious bias while training?

FELIZ consulting are committed to bring valuable training and impactful solutions for a healthy corporate culture. Unconscious bias training in Hong Kong is synonymous to FELIZ.

FELIZ develops models unique to your organization, understanding your workforce, your industry type and bringing customized solutions. Workshops are conducted by FELIZ in Hong Kong for Unconscious bias and we have deep insights about these biases and how to combat them.

Strategies with change-based approach and control-based approach are worked on.

Change based strategy focuses on understanding the bias and developing plans, training solutions that focus on change. Change of behaviour, more awareness of biases and also how to change the decision-making process of leaders not influenced by these unaware biases.

Control based however are more like damage control. Once you acknowledge that these unconscious biases occur in your organization you try to devise methods to not let these biases cloud your decision making.

Unconscious bias training in Hong Kong organizations has always been a balance of both of these strategies.

How Unconscious Bias Training Will Help?

There are many benefits to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Like a better understanding of your customer base, better innovation and creativity, improved onboarding and retention. Increased productivity and enhanced employer brand with a diverse pool of talent bringing various skills to the table.

A research by EY says that unconscious biases are very random and they are so deep rooted that we end up incurring higher losses at our end. This research reveals that people are biased towards “mature-face” for senior or leadership positions. People believe women HR are better because women are empathetic. Recruiters either male or female are usually inclined towards male as creative heads.

Now, these are really baseless notions, but imagine losing a highly potential candidate because of a trivial unconscious bias that you were not even aware of!

Unconscious bias training with FELIZ will help you curb or if not control this problem to a great extent.


FELIZ Consulting programs are all interactive and fun! These are not just boring lectures about numbers, research findings but programs that will reach both heart and mind! These have shown results and have an impact on humans, because in the end of the day corporate or not we are all humans.

Let’s start 2021 together, let us aspire for greater things, to be more inclusive and be open to grow. Seize this opportunity by partnering with FELIZ Consulting for your trainer and coach for unconscious bias training in Hong Kong: bespoke training to fit your needs!

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