Growing Demands of Hand Blocks Print in Global Market

The rich culture of hand-loom products and diverse form of art and craft has made India very popular among global market. Extension of various textile prints has contributed from traditional to modern wardrobes. Block printed clothing is one of them.

From western outfits to ethnic dresses hand blocks prints have unlimited variety of heritage designs and colorful silhouettes which have grabbed the eyes of international market. India is the largest producer and exporter of hand block print fabrics.To know the introduction and process of hand block printing read Hand block printing: Introduction and Process.

This traditional process has created a buzz in global market. Some of the reasons mentioned below will tell you why Indian hand block prints demands are increasing inglobal market.

  • Durability

Dyes operated in Block Indian prints are durable. Water based inks are best dyes which is used at shivalaya Jaipur to give best exemplary finishing. It stops excessive bleeding and mixing of colorful dyes with base colors. Due to such long lasting nature of prints, hand bocks prints have created their own presence in the global market.

  • Eco friendly

Various textile printing involves high water consumption and involvement of machinery. These methods harm our environment in horrific way. But the process of block printing reduces water consumption. Also the dyes used in this method are free from any synthetic substance and makes process of printing eco-friendly. Get yourself some eco-friendly block printed dresses.   

  • Distinctive pattern

Designs and colors used in prints are unique. Every piece has its own distinctive pattern. Commonly used colors of dyes are saffron, yellow, blue and red. Designs used mostly represent the beauty of Indian traditional culture and create buzz in the global market.

  • Less care

Fabric care tips for hand block prints are much simple then that of others. No extra cost for maintaining, no use of expensive detergent and no use of machine wash. Learn the best fabric care tips for block printing dresses.  

  • Affordable

Hand block printing process uses dyes and labor techniques which is no doubt are costlier then factory printing textile. But block printing fabrics are handmade and it reflects the tradition and royalty of India. Hence it is affordable fabric as compared to other handloom fabrics. 

  • Faultless finishing

The activity used in block printing results in amazing textile with unique and peasant finish. Carved wooden blocks are pressed many times on the fabric to darken the impression and give smooth finishing. Craftsman with years of experience repeats the process and this minimizes chances of fault.

The story goes overseas and it is never ending. Future of hand block printing is much extensive. But people are turning their interest towards factory generated fabrics which does not showcase promising future for Hand block prints. You all need to support Indian art of hand block printing to make this historic industry survive and flourish in Global Market.

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