Hairstyle Ideas For All Hair Types

Hair experts say,  “every hair has its personality,” and it couldn’t be more true for wavy hair. People with wavy hair are considered dreamers with creative personalities, friendly, elegant, and calm. A simple hair texture tells people a lot about you. You can opt for unique hairstyles for your wavy hair texture to go with your cool personality.

Now let us look at the five hairstyle ideas for wavy hair texture and its benefits.

Wavy and shaggy bob hairstyle

Bob hair
Wavy bob frames your face, making it look slimmer

The wavy bob hairstyle is elegant and compliments women of all ages. Get this wavy bob for a gorgeous look. Adding highlights will frame your face. 

A shaggy bob is a hairstyle that looks amazing all day long without much effort and looks beautiful in all hair lengths. This hairstyle only needs a good tousle now and then for a laid-back look. 

Wavy lob hairstyle

Short hair
A wavy lob hairstyle fit for any occasion

A wavy lob hairstyle is always a safe bet if you are unsure how to style your hair if you have a wavy hair texture. Whether your hair color is brunette, auburn, golden shades, or raven black, you can bet that it will let you down. 

Use a hair straightener to get a natural beach look and well-defined waves.

Razored waves with highlights 

Layered hair
Razored waves with highlights

Razored waves in bob provide an edgy and stylish look. When getting hair color of any sort, the rule of thumb is to pick tones opposite your skin tone. If you prefer light hair color to compliment your dark hair, blonde highlights at the front will give a flawless blend and make you look unique.

Colored wavy hair

hair color Ideas for wavy hair
Colored wavy hair

Gray hair, in general, is a favorite hair color loved by people of all ages, and wavy hair is quite popular. If you combine gray and wavy hair, then you will get a fantastic duo. Get princess-inspired hair with balayage wavy hair. Balayage hair color from blonde to ash will turn heads and give you a natural style instantly. 

Waterfall and beachy waves

Easy Wavy Hairstyle Ideas
Water waves hairstyle with a side part

A waterfall waves hairstyle in both short and long length is simple but chic, making the wearer flaunt them in style. The gentle wavy hair texture is beautiful, voluminous, and more stunning with a side part than a central part. 

Short beachy wavy hair is a popular hairstyle for people who want a cute and feminine look. For this hairstyle, the hair length is short, and the beachy wavy hair is cut in sleek angles. 

Advantages of wavy hair texture


Wavy Hairstyle Ideas
Wavy hair create an illusion of a fuller head of hair

Many people prefer wavy hair to straight hair because it adds instant volume to your hair, dimension, and depth by framing your face and making it appear slimmer. Wavy hair gives a plethora of styling options because of the volume it provides.

Easier to cut

It is easy to hide uneven cuts on wavy hair 

Wavy hair is easier to cut at home because each wave is slightly different, so the hair length doesn’t have to be aligned. Wavy hair texture certainly makes it easier to hide any misshapes less noticeable when compared to straight hair.  Even the tiniest length error is obvious on straight hair, especially if your straight hair doesn’t have layers. 

Less greasy

Wavy Hair Texture
Wavy hair is easy to maintain 

Because of the wavy hair texture, you can go two to three days without washing your hair. Your hair does not collect grease and dirt at the scalp like it usually does on straight hair; instead, it is evenly distributed. Hair experts always recommend that you wash your hair less frequently because it results in less hair fall.

Versatile hair lengths

Wavy Hairstyles
Wavy hair looks good on both long and short  hair lengths

With wavy hair, you can go as short as getting a lob or keep it long, and it will still look stunning. Short wavy hair tightens hair patterns giving you well-defined wavy hair. 

Frizz control

Wavy Hair Bundles
Embrace your wavy hair

If you have naturally wavy hair or curly hair texture, embrace it. Trying to straighten your natural hair not only damages it but also causes a lot of frizz. If you let the waves be, the frizz works itself into them. 

Best of both worlds

Straight Hair
 Wavy hair is the best of both worlds

Straight hair struggles with volume and curly hair struggle to tame the frizz, but wavy hair offers the best of both worlds. Because of the texture of the hair, wavy hair requires little effort to tame the frizz, which makes the frizziness less noticeable.

Versatile styling options

Long Hair
Long Hair

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