Hairstyle Ideas For Short Wavy Hair

Short wavy hair can be transformed into versatile hairdos without taking much of your time. Create extra volume and dramatic effect use hair extensions.  Short wavy Hair Texture is flexible enough to be styled in any hairdo you want in minutes. This style works great on short wavy hair without damaging your natural waves.

Twist it on the side

Side Twisted Hairdo

Try this side twist cute hairstyle easily without any hassles. This hairstyle works great on both natural hair and wavy lace wigs of any length.

Step one- Apply air dry curl cream all over your strands.

Step two- Finger curl and scrunch hair.

Step three- Take two sections of hair and twist together. Add in more hair and continue to twist.

Step four-Secure with a bobby pin, and you are done.

Crown Braid for Queens

To create these elegant and classic hairdos follow my simple easy tips.

Step one- Divide hair into three equal sections.

Step two- French braid hair, and continue to add in hair as you braid.

Step three- Secure with an elastic band.

Step four-  Repeat on the other side by following the same steps.

Step five- Bring the two braided hair together and  twist hair and tie them. There you have it a cute updo in minutes.

3. Voluminous sexy curls

Voluminous Curls On A Blonde Hair

Step one- Spray hair with heat protectant and comb through.

Step two- Separate and secure the top half of your hair.

Step three- Use a hot styling curling machine and curly hair away from face. Continue until all your locks are curled.

Step four- It is optional but you can use dry shampoo and spray it to your roots.  Using your fingers ruffle the products into your hair.

Step five- Scrunch and tease it with your hands and voila there you have it, gorgeous curls. Human hair lace front wigs are readily available if you prefer instant curls with volume and thickness. You can style it to provide the extra effect that you want with styling tools and products on your extensions.

Easy Half Up Ponytail

Half updo

This an effortless hair that you can achieve in one minute, especially when you are running late for school, college or work.

Step one- Grab the upper part of hair from the crown.

Step two- Take a rubber band and tie it into a high ponytail. 

Step three-  Pull out some hair from your ear side for a natural look, and  you are good to go.

Messy Bun

Go to hairstyle in a bun

Buns look good no matter any hair length and texture. It is a go to hairdo for every single girls out there, and is undoubtedly loved by everyone around the world.

Step one- Take a hair fixing spray and apply it in your hair, especially in the roots.

Step two- Gather all the hair and twist it into a ball to make a bun right at the nape or slightly above it.

Step three-Secure with a bobby pin or band and pull out hair for a messy looking bun.

Flower Space Bun

Cute hairstyle in a flower space bun

Flower space bun gives you a fun, sassy look.

Step one- Take two equal sections of hair right from the crown area, on both sides.

Step two- Twist and form small buns and secure with a clear band.

Step three- Add in hair spray and tuck the space bun using your fingers.

Pigtails Hairstyle

Pigtail Hairstyle

Step one- Divide hair into two equal sections by middle parting down to your neck.

Step one- Split the hair into two on both side of your shoulder.

Step three- Braid down until you reach the ends and secure with elastic bands.

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