Handmade All Natural Soaps | Spring Season Special

Handmade all-natural soaps have already got a spot in the regular necessities list for many among you. These can be made up of milk or honey or lavender or rose, or any other flavor. But, some of these handmade soaps are prepared and ordered, specifically in the spring season. Are you wondering what the spring’s unique all-natural soaps look like? Let us get you through some of them.

Some Handmade All-natural Soaps for Spring Season

Rose Clay and Charcoal Soap

All Natural Soaps

The ingredients of this brilliant bath soap are sandalwood, rose absolute, and red Brazilian Mandarin essential oils. Along with these, rose clay, activated charcoal, and Shea butter are the main ingredients for this soap. During preparation, Shea butter is used as a base in the melted form. It possesses the moisturizing properties that make this soap good for dry skin. Next, rose clay and activated charcoal have properties to deal with acne-prone skin. The essential oil used in this soap works as a natural antiseptic that prevents any infection or allergies. 

Lavender and Lemongrass Soap

All Natural Soaps

Have you heard of a soap made up of lavender buds? Well, the Lavender and lemongrass handmade soap is one such soap. Its main ingredients list includes purple lavender, green zeolite clay, and spirulina powder. The essential oils involved are lemongrass essential oil, Lavender 40/42 essential oil, and a few more. The soap is prepared via the hot process. This soap possesses natural cleansing and moisturizing property.

Sunflower Soap

All Natural Soaps

The beautiful sunflower soap is prepared via the cold process in the shape of natural sunflower. These bright and inspiring soaps can easily fit in your hands. The sunflower essential oil is used for the fragrance. The fizzy lemonade colorant and yellow oxide give it the color of sunflower. This brilliant soap is full of freshness and can be an excellent option to start your day with.

Cinnamon and Lavender Soap

Here comes the soap with the goodness of healthy cinnamon and lavender. This brilliant soap is only for use before bed. You cannot find the comfort anywhere else that you get from this soap. Thanks to the Lavender buds, cinnamon, Shea butter, and essential oils. The way it works as a mood-lifting and relaxing agent, non-other soap can do. Its properties make it a fantastic option for people with dry skin. Moreover, you can use it to release your stress and tiredness as well. 

Rose Quartz Soap

Handmade All Natural Soaps

Rose quartz cold process soap is made up of a traditional rose scent and bergamot, orange zest, grapefruit, and sandalwood. So, it possesses the goodness of bright citrus and floral elements altogether. This irresistible combination of pink and white swirls on the soap has already made it famous. If you are looking for something fresh, soothing, and rejuvenating, this soap is the end of your search. 

The list is quite vast, and we have a wide range of handmade all-natural soaps around us. These are only a few out of them. But, you understood how brilliant and attractive as well as efficient these soaps are. Isn’t it?

Here, the only chemical used in the preparation of all organic soaps is sodium hydroxide. In the case of liquid soap, the potassium hydroxide is used in place of the previous one. These chemicals are crucial for soap preparation and have least negative impact on us. All these handmade all-natural soaps are readily available online. You can visit an online shopping portal and order as a bulk soap option. As mentioned earlier, these soaps are specially introduced during the spring season in the year only. So, if you want to keep them along with you for the whole year, getting them as bulk soap can be a good idea. 

One can even prepare the handmade and organic soaps by himself/herself also. All you need is the ingredients used for the soap you want to make. That is also an easy process. You can contact a supplier for wholesale soap-making supplies and get the required ingredients. Of course, the more we all go natural, the safer place earth will be to live. 

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