Here are Some Imaginative Ideas To Prepare Your Child’s Book Report

Your child is in competition and collaboration with an entire class full of students. For them to stand out, their schoolwork must boast of their talent. One of how their creativity can shine is their book report. But it is important to ensure that this creativity follows all the rules that the teacher lays out. If your child has the freedom here are some ways in which your child’s book report will outshine everyone else’s.

Be the Author

Ask your child to work their imagination and rework the ending or beginning of the book. Ask them to write what would happen after the book ends? What happens to their characters? Ask them to write about it in their book report. The teacher, as seen in the best of Dubai Indian Schools, will appreciate the child’s adaptation of the book, and it is bound to stand out in the crowd.

Before and After

Give your child a brief about the book. Ask them to write what they expect from it and how they feel about it. Ask them to answer the same questions after they’ve finished reading the book. It is a great way to mark the evolution of the thought process and understanding of children.

Use different tools

Your child’s book report doesn’t need to be on pen and paper. They can make a fun video or record a podcast of the book report. If other students participate, this can be a fun and informative activity. There are several online tools available for children to use for this project.


Your child can understand the book and adapt it into a collage. They can use newspaper and magazine cuttings, pictures that they find on the internet, objects around the house, etc. It is a great way to help them visualise and translate what they are thinking about.


Your child can become a journalist and write a newspaper or magazine article about the book, or create a feature about a character or specific scene. Alternatively, if your child is feeling ambitious, she can produce a whole newspaper based on the characters’ world.


Your child can dress up as one of the characters when reading out their book report. If they don’t want to go that far, they can use props instead.


Like trailers for movies, your child can make a trailer for the book. A group of students can get together and act or this could even be a fun family activity.


If your child enjoys drawing or doodling, they can make a comic strip out of the book. They can visualise characters through their description, record a timeline of the events, and make a fun comic to depict interactions.

There are so many ideas to help your child bring out their creativity. Try this with your child and help them become the star of their class.

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